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Napoleon once said
“Give me educated mothers, and I will give you educated nations”
From this quote, we can know the

Importance of Women in Society

Women are the backbone of a society. They are as equally important as men. The role of women cannot be denied in any society or culture.

Women’s tasks are far more complex than only giving birth to mankind. They are first mothers than teachers, motivators, and mentors for kids. Islam said, “a mother’s lap is the first school for child”. A child when born is completely up to his mother and women can raise any being to become whatever she wants to make him/her.

Why Is Education Necessary for Women?

Women education is necessary, therefore because she can’t teach her kid when she has not educated herself. By education, we do not mean literacy only but for good manners, the way of upbringing a child and what to teach him in life is all a woman should know.

Without women education, no society can thrive smoothly. In the contemporary times, it is necessary that both men and women should work together to meet the financial needs of their family otherwise, it is impossible to enjoy all the facilities of life. After the industrialization, women rights are hotly debated at all possible forums to improve the lifestyle and standard of the female members of the society. Without women education, this dream cannot be materialized as they will lag behind in this regard.

Women of Third World Countries

Unfortunately, the woman of third world countries is still fighting for her rights. Women rights are powerful than only the western slogan of “walking shoulder to shoulder with men”. A woman has a right to education, she has right to work, she has right to choose for herself. And most important of all she has right to live. Sadly many women are killed in these countries in the name of “respect“. They are not even free to choose a life partner for them, they have no right to education and career of their own choice. Stereotyping and biasedness are following women everywhere. We have to break the walls and we have to educate the women.

Women must be taught that they have their separate and own identity. They don’t need to burn themselves with their deceased husbands, they don’t have to stay at home if no one is to support them financially and they don’t need to sacrifice their life to protect their husband or brother for fake standards.

Pakistani Women and Education

Talking about Pakistan, the situation is a little bit clumsy. Women education has never been the top agenda of our governments. For this very reason, the condition of Pakistani female working class has never improved significantly. The literacy rate of our country is only 41.6% . Whereas the dropout rate of female students is highest than any other country in the world i-e 50%. In our society a women role has been subjugated to a sister, a mother, a wife or a daughter and women itself is content upon its prevalent condition. Even then she has to beg before her male mentors of the society to meet her needs. The situation would have been totally adverse if women education system would have been successful in the country.

Importance of Female Education

Women education is necessary for every female member of the society as the education tailors the talent of women. There are many successful professional women who are working in different fields. They are a source of inspiration for the rest of women class. They are scientists, pilots, army girls, teachers, singers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, leaders and much more.

Westernization and Women Education in Islam

Women have made considerable changes in history and have performed their roles and duties well. We need to be aware of the importance of women education for our society as a women is the trainer of a family. But at the same time, we need to ponder on a fact that westernization is not necessary for leading a successful professional life.

A woman can represent herself in a better way by following the religious values of Islam. Islam provides a complete code of conduct for men and women. Also,Islam allows women to live a free life within boundaries, which are set for her own safety. Islam gives high ranks and equal importance to women.

A woman should understand that her freedom is not only limited to go out and earn for her family as this role is better suited to men. But still Islam does not discourage working women as we all know Hazrat Khadija, the most beloved wife of our prophet was a successful business woman.

A woman has equal right to take education as men. In our country, many females are not even allowed to go to school and going school is considered shame for them. In terms of education, Islam encourages to “read and write” as the first word of wahi (God’s message to mankind through the prophet) was “IQRA” which means read.

We need to focus on women education as for healthy, flourishing and prosperous society we need educated women who can raise responsible members of society.


Women Education

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