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Workout Routine For Bodybuilding In Urdu

Every exerciser must keep some basics in the mind before starting the exercise. He should keep his head straight and consistently keep on doing the exercise with devotion. Some people perceive themselves to be fat or others perceive themselves to be weak. Both of them share a common perception that exercise is beyond their domains of possibilities....

Basic Bodybuilding Exercises In Urdu

Basic bodybuilding exercises in Urdu is a highly searched topic in Pakistan. Basic bodybuilding exercises are bench press, dumbbell fly, dips, upright row, lat pull down, lateral raise and military press. Before starting exercises, you must warm up your body so that your body does not face any difficulties like pain and muscular stretches. For more details...

Is Laughter A Best Medicine ?

Laughing is something that comes naturally when we are around our friends and family and enjoy their company. We crack many different jokes on each other and about the things we know. This is how we get to spend a good time with them. So, laughter can also be called as the definition of...

Masjid Al Haram: Biggest Mosque Of The World

Masjid-ul-Haram is the largest mosque of the world. This mosque is situated in Makkah, which is a city of the desert country, Saudi Arabia. The history of this mosque goes back to Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) and Hazrat Ismail (A.S) who were the first ones to construct it. Masjid-ul-Haram is the most historical mosque of the world.

How To Make Money From Adsense?

As each of us, know that Google is a world’s best search engine with the help of whom you can get the desired links and information about different websites. Google got this prominent position in short period and leave all other competitor search engines behind. What is Google Adsense? Along with...

All You Need to Know About Ramadan

There are lots of questions about Ramadan that are frequently asked about people who do not much about it. So here are those frequent questions and their answers so that you may develop a sound understanding of this event which is one of the most important events in the...

Fazail e Iftar: Blessings of Iftar

Islam teaches us all matters of life in an easy manner and it is up to us either we follow them to make our way straight to Jannat. Islamic teachings also stress over the importance of Fast. Fast (roza) is the second constituent of Islam that teaches the patience to the person. He feels the conditions of...

Goodbye To Boredom

One can easily get tired of one’s monotonous daily routine. However, there are plenty of activities which you can indulge in to say goodbye to boredom. You can have fun all by yourself or involve your entire family to share some happy and memorable moments together. Just remember, it is best to do something constructive to kill...

7 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Front Of Your Child

Our kids are obviously our entire pleasure and most precious in the world. They are those people who look great even by acting wrong. We laugh at their rude behaviour, being angry with us or even giving us a slap right on the cheek. There are too many things to do which contribute to your kiss’ personality...

13 Steps To Cure Baby Diaper Rash At Home

Todlers and infaints mostly face the problem of nappy rash as they use diaper for most of the time. Nappy rash makes your little child disturbed and also make him/her weep. Mothers get worried about how to releif their child against this pinching thing. It is hard to quit using diaper as the baby urinate frequently and...

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