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Food Allergy : Cantaloupe Allergy Symptoms

Summer Starts And Cantaloupe on Carts An array of different foods are reported to cause Allergic Reaction in human body. Food allergies occur when the immune system has a negative reaction to the proteins found in a certain food. Certain foods correlate with particular environmental allergens. For example, if you find you are allergic to various types...

8 Tips to Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally Forever

Sebaceous glands are related with hair follicles and in the pores of skin. Sebaceous glands generate sebum which helps in making our skin waterproof with the help of its oily substance. If sebaceous glands generate excessive amount of sebum, then it results in our skin getting too much oily than usual. Oily skin is inherited problem that varies race to race.

6 Makeup Tips That Should Not Be Neglected

Through makeup, you can enhance your natural features and cover any flaws such as pimples, scars, dark circles, wrinkles, and moles. Make sure you are using the right type of cosmetics that go well with your skin type. The occasion is also important. For casual everyday makeup, you can use neutral shades and a few makeup items only like a lip...

7 Homemade Face Masks for Winter in Urdu

7 Useful Homemade Face Masks for Winter Season in Urdu

Best Vitamins for Healthy Skin in Urdu

Best Vitamins for Healthy Skin: Vitamins play a vital role in the development and nourishment of skin. They are a vital part of our body chemistry and we should take good amount of vitamins to stay healthy. Everyone knows that vitamins are important for health but knowing that they are very effective for skin is something we...

Skin Care Best Natural Face Cleanser

You must have noticed that skin of newborn baby is very soft and clear. As the baby grows up, due to the external factors, the skin starts to become problematic, which means that skin care is an undeniable part of beauty. Cleansing the skin is one of the basic ways to keep your skin clean and...

How to Get Glowing Skin?

We all love photogenic and fresh looking face no matter we are housewives, student, business women or job doers. Everything is possible to achieve but with little care and love. My duty is to place before you all beauty packs helpful to achieve glowing skin. Now it’s up to you how efficiently you apply these and provide your...

Skin Care Tips for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is greatly susceptible to allergies and other external factors such as weather, chemical exposure, and heat. Foods and certain products can also trigger its reaction. It becomes reddish, itchy or irritated instantly when comes into contact with any allergen. Sometimes, it can swell. To manage this problem, follow these guidelines: Daily Skin Care Products

Skin Care Tips in Urdu | Get Rid of Dark Circles

There are different beauty standards in every region. People in Europe find light brown skin more beautiful while in Asia and Africa white skin colour is a symbol of beauty. But the fact is that beauty is not hidden in the color but it is dependent on flawless softness and suppleness of the skin. Most of the young girls think that...

What Hairstyle Suits Me ? Find Best Hairstyle

Every individual has a different face shape and structure. This is the reason why people like their hairstyles differently, based on their own facial structure. Since hairstyles are majorly defined through the kind of facial structure a person has, your hairstyle looks best when it has been kept in accordance with your face. Subsequently, this brings about...

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