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What is Beauty | Real Beauty of a Woman

The real beauty of a woman is not limited to the physical appearance; it also includes the character, attitude and morality of a person. After reading this article, you will come to know that what the beauty is in real sense. The beautiful face is not enough to win the hearts of people but...

What Is Twitter | Twitter

Twitter is a social networking web site that is providing many services like messaging service to users and blogging service to the bloggers. It is providing the facility to write a message of 140 words and to connect to your friends. This type of message is also called as internet SMS. Registered users can read and...

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Girls who have got brown eyes can do a lot of makeup experimentation with their eyes. Brown eyes have got the beauty in them to match the face of girls belonging to any skin tone or any race. If you are one with brown eyes you become just perfect for beauty and style. Today, I have...

Weight Loss Tea Recipes

It is famously known that tea is a mean to prevent many problems in life. Yes it is true. If you take a cup of tea daily you can get rid of many problems that might get hold of you otherwise. The thing that you need to focus on and think about...

Tips to Stay Healthy During Ramadan

Ramadan is the holy lunar month of Islamic calendar which is considered as a gift from Allah Almighty. In this month your diet and daily routine becomes so discipline. Scientists have found out it so much healthy for the people. According to them it is good for the proper functioning of the...

Cabbage Nutrition Facts : Benefits Of Band Gobi

Cabbage is a vegetable with round shape and soft light green in colour. The main reason behind its light colour unlike other vegetables is that cabbage is covered with leaves and is not exposed to direct sunlight. Cabbage is rich in Vitamin C; it even contains more vitamin C than Oranges. Vitamin...

Ananas Fruit: Health Benefits Of Pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical fruit known for its wonderful taste, exceptional juiciness and numerous health benefits. Pineapple is grown in India, Europe, America, and in some parts of Africa. The juice of pineapple is a blessing in the summers; it is an absolute delight to drink pineapple juice in summers as it is refreshing and reduces the...

Investment in Gold

Gold is one of the most precious metals. With the passage of time, both the value as well as the price of gold has been increasing. Presently, the price of gold is skyrocketing. Despite its skyrocketing price, not only in Pakistan but also worldwide there is not a single wedding that has been celebrated without gold. The...

SMS Is A Waste Of Time

When mobiles were introduced initially their purpose was to discover the well being of others and stay in touch. No matter wherever you are you can stay in touch with your family and friends. With the passage time we Pakistani people started using messaging for the same purpose. At that time telecom companies didn’t know much utility...

Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places And Individually

There are laws against smoking in many countries of the world. In these countries, smoking is considered to be a criminal offense. However, in some countries, the law has been unable to put an end to the practice of smoking. Some people have started adopting the habit of smoking as a fashion trend. Moreover, the government has...

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