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Oily Skin Care Tips in Urdu

Sebaceous gland produces oil of the skin and skin becomes oily if these glands produce more than normal amount of oil. People with oily skin should avoid dust because it badly affects the skin. Dust can cause acne problem because oily skin is porous in nature and the dust fill up the pores that became pimples. Instead of using creams and lotions, cleansing...

New Born Baby Care Tips in Urdu

Caring for a newborns and baby has its challenge – with the arrival of a little member in your family, it’s a completely joyous and exciting atmosphere in your house. Our baby care urdu article covers many different aspects of Daily Baby Care, such as dealing with diaper – rash and thrush in babies, helping your baby sleep better, picking up and holding...

Narangi : Tangerine Fruit Health Benefits

Tangerine is a citrus in its nature; it is orange in color yet smaller than an orange. This fruit has been cultivated in China for more than last 3000 years. Tangerine is a small fruit, which great functionality. In Urdu, the fruit is known as “narangi”. It is usually sold from November to April. The fruit is more finely segmented as compared...

Namaz E Taraweeh: How to Perform Namaz e Taraweeh?

Namaz-e-Taraweeh is a special Nafli prayer which is performed in the month of Ramadan after Isha prayer. Some muslims perform 20 taraweeh on every day while some muslims perform 8 taraweeh per day in the month of Ramadan. Read how to perform namaz e taraweeh in Ramzan.

Muslim Marriage – A Brief Introduction to the Muslim Marriage

Just like any other religion of the world, an Muslim marriage is the union of two individuals who become each other’s closest companions for life. The male companion provides financial support and protection while the female companion is the in-charge of the household. Through a marriage, the human race continues in a legitimate way. This is what marriage means all around the globe regardless of religion.

Muslim Baby Girl Names | Girl Names with Meanings

Names reflect the character of the person and have great effects on the life. This column will provide you Muslim baby girl names. This category of girl names with meanings has beautiful and cute names. Find out a name of your choice, look at its meaning, and gain useful information. Some names really develop the personality of the person according to...

Mothers Are Special | Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the month of May every year to honor and show love to all the mothers. Most countries like Australia, Canada and India celebrate Mothers Day on the second Sunday of May. In Pakistan, it is also celebrated on second Sunday of May every year. There was also a Resolution for Mother’s Day signed by US President on May...

Most Common Thyroid Problems in Women

Thyroid gland problem affects many women. Men do tend to have this problem but it’s more common in women. Studies have consolidated this fact that 1 in 8 women will face this problem in her life. Thyroid glands make your body function in positive manner and to fight against several complications. Weight fluctuations and depression are two of the...

Modern Age and Joint Family System

Some years back, joint family systems used to exist at more or less every level and every place. All the members of the family used to live together. The eldest member of the house used to be the head of the family. Whatever he said used to be the final word for the other members of the family. Moreover, as a single family,...

Men Bodybuilding Chest Exercise In Urdu

Intermediate chest exercise: Before telling you about the exercises relating to the chest muscles, let us tell you something about the chest muscles in brief. Muscles of Chest: For every body builder chest muscles have to be perfectly developed. Pectoral and chest muscles have to be nicely built in order to give a strong look. Following are the some of the important thing s which every...

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