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Side Effects of Gutka in Urdu

Gutka is an herbal mixture used widely in Pakistan and India. It is a mixture of mixture of betel nut, choona and tobacco. Most of the people in Pakistan are addicted to gutka and is used by people of all ages but it is more popular among people of young age. In the old days, gutka was used as a medicine and was recommended...

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

In recent years, the use of birth control pills has been increasing at a very continuous rate in our society. Despite their disadvantages (of low quality products) and the harmful effects they have on the body, women are continuing to use them, without even trying to understand the delicacy of the matter. Their usage affects blood pressure of the user, and also leads to...

Shisha Smoking Effects

Shisha smoking is getting very common among the young generation of our society. The trend of cigarette is followed by the trend of Shisha smoking. According to the report of world health organization (W H O), there are approximately 20 – 25 million people those are addicted to different forms of additions like drugs and smoking. Out of those 25 million people, 36% are...

Shah Faisal Mosque: The Biggest Mosque in Pakistan

Shah Faisal Mosque – Pakistan’ largest mosque and one of the greatest mosques situated in the South Asia. It is a well renowned building amongst its peers due to its unique architecture and design. Located in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, Shah Faisal mosque stands proudly against the backdrop of Margalla hills giving a breathtaking view. The construction of the mosque was...

Seven Continents of the World and their Countries in Urdu

A continent is a large body of land, above water, that has a natural geological border. All continents together constitute less than one-third of the earth’s surface, that means more than two third of the earth’s surface are covered with water. Two-thirds of the continental land mass is located in the Northern Hemisphere. There are seven...

Sehri Ka Waqt Kab Hota Hai

“Suhoor” is an Arabic word that is also called “Sehri” and literally, it means the meal that you have in the dawn time or early in the morning. Muslims wake up early in the morning and have sehri for Fasting. There is some confliction of right time of sehri among different religious sectors. We are providing you the valuable details of exact...

Second Martial Law In Pakistan

In the event of Round Table Conference, those politicians who did not attend the meeting, point out the people that Government leaders has Machinate with the others and they come up without any final decision or any public good. But as conference had ended on 13 March 1969 then all the fears of people come true...

Sadaqah | The Importance of Charity In Islam

Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h) said that when ALLAH created the earth it started vibrating so mountains were created and placed over it and it stopped to vibrate. Angels were surprised seeing the hardness of mountains; they asked ALLAH if there is anything more hard than mountains in His creations. ALLAH replied, its iron. Angels then asked if there is anything more hard than...

Roghan e Badam: Almond Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair in Urdu

Almonds are of many types and man has used them over many centuries to his benefit. Its oil is extracted from sweet and bitter almonds for a variety of use especially as medication and skin Care. Sweet almonds are used as carrier oil and as a base for skin lotions while bitter almonds in cooking and making different drugs. Pure almond oil is one...

Ringworm: Causes, Symptoms and Safety Measures

Ringworm is caused by the microscopic organisms called dermatophytes that reside on the surface of the skin. It is a fungal infection that can affect anyone at anytime. People who live in humid climate are more likely to be affected by this disease. Even people with weak immune systems can also be easily attacked by dermatophytes. The name ‘Ringworm’ sometimes misleads the...

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