11 Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

You may have seen teenagers or young people trying to make their impression through smoking as young girls usually get fascinated by smokers.

“Bad boys” impression also sounds cool to some teenagers.

Even many mature people think cigarettes as a “success tool”.

It may sound awkward… but

Yes!!! They really think that if your manager smokes then you can offer him a cigarette and can get noticed.

Well, smoking may look cool but the fact is that smoking injurious to health, which is why most people when they realize, they try to quit it but are not able to succeed in doing so.

Since cigarettes contain nicotine, those who are addicted to it, find it very difficult to quit.
Below are some tips and advice that will help you quit smoking.

11 Best Ways to Quit Smoking

1. When There Is a Will There Is a Way

You might have heard about “willpower”. The most important and easiest way is to first form a strong intention of quitting smoking. With a strong willpower, you can achieve everything. So when you have decided once, it will be easy for you to quit.

2. Get a Change

Changing environment can divert your attention. So whenever you feel the craving to smoke, change your environment and go to an open space and take deep breaths. This will make you feel at peace and compel you to follow this method again.

3. Stay Firm

Initially following this method will seem problematic to you, but soon you will start to notice results. Remember always that patience is key to success.

4. Stay Hydrated

Consume a lot of water; not only will this help create a distraction from your cigarette cravings but it will also help expel the harmful nicotine out of your body.

5. Switch to a Positive Substitute

Some get into the habit of consuming betel leaves, or coffee to quit smoking. However, these also cause harmful effects, hence natural remedies and positive habits must be used to quit smoking.

6. Get Healthy Alternate

Individuals who are used to smoking after eating food, feel the need to do so after every meal. However, instead, they should take a cup of mint tea, which will help stimulate the digestive system and also help you get rid of your smoking addiction.

7. Stay Away From Temptations

Stay away from groups of friends who smoke. Clean your house all cigarettes and ashtrays; even wash all your clothes so that no traces of cigarettes are left that will compel you to smoke. Getting away from an atmosphere and company that leads you to smoke help relieve the attraction to smoke.

8. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Make it your routine to wake up early morning and taking deep breaths in the fresh morning air, along with some light-hearted exercise. This will keep you healthy. Apart from that, during any part of the day play some indoor sports or watch an entertaining movie; in this manner, your psychological needs will move away from smoking.

9. Motivation Is the Key

Tell your friends, relatives, and co-workers that you have quit smoking so that they encourage you more. Contact your doctor for any other problems apart from these.

10. Stay Determined

Do not go for any smoking substitutes or electronic cigarettes. On the surface, they look safe but they keep up your craving to smoke and ultimately let you turn to smoke in real. Once you have decided to quit, just quit.

11. Consult a Doctor or Therapist

Some hospitals also treat smokers through medicines, where they replace nicotine with various medicines, but this can also be harmful to health. That’s why try to use simple and natural ways of quitting smoking. Otherwise, contact some therapist who will make you quit smoking using these methods without medicines under their supervision.


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