Green Tea Side Effects


Green Tea Side Effects: Green tea is a traditional drink since time immemorial. It has its deep roots since many centuries. However, the consumption of green tea today is not as much as it was a few centuries but still in some countries like China and Japan it is used extensively.

A report suggests that green tea is the most popular drink in China and Japan after water. For many centuries, green tea has been used as an herbal medicine but a new scientific report suggests that there are some side effects of green tea as well which can deteriorate a person’s health.

One of those facts is that green tea also contains caffeine just like coffee and tea, which of course is never considered healthy.

The doubts are raised over the benefits of green tea because it’s caffeine contents. Caffeine is also advantageous to the body but its side effects are more than in advantages that is why doctors always recommend avoiding it.

Physicians warn that it is always dangerous to consume more than two cups of green tea in a day while the people who are sensitive to caffeine shouldn’t consume more than one cup in a day.

Green Tea Side Effects

Here we will list down a few side effects of green tea:

  • A standard cup of green tea contains approximately 30 mg caffeine. Some people are extremely sensitive to the intake of caffeine. The consumption of caffeine raises their blood pressure as well as their skin rashes.
  • People who take green tea excessively are more likely to suffer from kidney and heart diseases as it weakens them.
  • The excessive intake of green tea also causes sleeplessness while it also damages the nervous system.
  • Green tea is also not suitable for pregnant women. As the presence of caffeine in green tea can cause premature birth as well as low birth weight.
  • The growth of the baby is also affected as green tea contains EGCG.
  • People sensitive to caffeine are likely to suffer from the stomach diseases.
  • Green tea is also used as a tool for a weight loss. People sensitive to caffeine should never adopt this method for weight loss, as they are likely to catch heart, liver or kidney disease. They can also switch to green tea supplements rather than taking green tea.
  • The excessive intake of green tea can also cause insomnia.
  • If you are new drinker and after taking green tea, you feel restlessness, irritability and frequent urination than immediately stop taking green tea because it means that you are sensitive to green tea.

Green tea is good for health as well but only when it is taken at average level.


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