Side Effects of Cola Drinks in Urdu Language


The use of soft drinks, at present, is on its peak. Be it a wedding ceremony, dine out or any other occasion, soft drinks are used excessively. Cola is one of the ingredients of soft drinks and as it tastes good and gives a feeling of being refreshed, people generally deny or ignore the side effects it has on human health. Yet, scientific and medical research has proved that use of cola drinks gradually damages human health.

Soft Drinks & Immune System

Soft drinks contain a very high concentration of sugar and calories, which are quite harmful for human health. Soft drinks have caffeine in them due to which, over the time, people develop an addiction for these drinks and they start preferring these over water. This addiction combined with the higher quantities of sugar and calories, collectively work towards the damaging of human health.
Excessive use of cola drinks damages body’s immune system i.e. decreases its power to fight diseases and the person becomes more prone to several diseases.

Soft Drinks & Obesity

Now-a-days cola drinks have fructose, sugar and a very high concentration of calories in them which lead to obesity which is very harmful to human health. Obesity is most common in America, Japan and China and the core reason behind it is the excessive use of cola drinks.

Cola Drinks & Heart Health

Generally, food and drinks are a source to provide energy to human body, but cola drinks instead to producing energy in the body, produce fats. The higher the concentration of fats in one’s body, the more is his health at risk. Fat accumulates in blood vessels and the concentration of fat and cholesterol gradually increases in the body, which affects blood circulation and heartbeat rate. This causes high blood pressure and other heart diseases.

Cola Drinks and Bones

As a result of continuous use of cola drinks, calcium level in our body decreases. Since, calcium is one of the major constituents of bones and teeth; the acidic nature of the drink followed by the increased sugar content eventually leads to weaker bones and also erodes your tooth enamel.

Soft Drinks and Infertility

Research has shown that continuous and excessive use of cola drinks may even result in fertility related issues in women. Cola drinks possess certain unnecessary ingredients which have very harmful effects on the body, and can even make you infertile because of the harsh nature of these drinks.

Cola Drinks and Stomach Problem

Besides, use of cola drinks also harms stomach and produce sensation of burning in chest, low appetite and certain other liver related problems. Also, as a result of these, a person’s nervous system is stimulated and thereby his/her sleep is disturbed.

In a nutshell, the great taste and refreshed feeling of cola drinks is simply not worth the harmful side effects that it has on human health.


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