Polio – Types, Effects and Treatment in Pakistan



Polio is actually a viral infection that paralyses the body parts; the patient becomes unable to move and feels it difficult to breath. Polio is a contagious disease and it transfers from one person to other through the blood transformation. It attacks the immune system so that one cannot fight against it and remain unaware of this disease. There are rare chances, that Polio directly attacks the central nervous system. If it happens then Polio paralyses neurons system, which results into weak joints and paralysis. There are different types of Polio virus which attack the different body parts. Polio treatment is possible if it is diagnosed at its earlier stages, if not diagnosed in time, it can paralyze any body part badly.
Click Here to Continue Reading in EnglishTypes and Treatment of Polio are discussed below in Urdu. This Urdu Article also includes Effects of Polio.

Polio has different kinds, out of those some are discussed following.

Spinal Polio:
As its name shows that, it affects the motor neurons and spinal cord because of that, your legs and arms can be paralyzed or you might feel difficulty in breathing.

Bulbar Polio:
In this type of polio, it affects Cranial nerves of human being and makes your joints weak and immoveable. Your senses like sense of sight, hearing sense and breathing can be affected or swelling can be the result.

Balbo Spinal Polio:
A special type of virus come into existence by the combination of both above described types; Bulbar and Spinal polio, which can adversely affects both cranial and spinal cord.

Transmission and symptoms of Polio:
Virus that causes polio transmits from one person to other person through the polluted environment and poor sewerage system. As it is stated earlier that it is a contagious disease that transmits from the affected person to others through water, used clothes or through physical contact with that person. It is a sort of silent disease that does not show any clear symptoms at its early stage, because of that most of the people being unaware of its existence do not go for checkup or treatment. Other than Its common symptom, some are flue, cough, vomiting, high temperature and headache.Treatment of polio:
Unfortunately, treatment of polio is not discovered until now so that preventive measures are needed to be taken. Doctors treat the patient of polio so that they can stop its further affects. The treatment of polio patient includes the antiviral injections, painkillers and artificial breathing. As precautionary measures, polio campaign is conducted every year to stop its attack. Polio badly affects the whole world during 1998 and to stop its attack all of the countries took preventive measures, because of that now there are only few countries, which are suffering from polio and Pakistan is one of them. Therefore, we should take precautions and support the government in the polio campaign.


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