Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes


Girls who have got brown eyes can do a lot of makeup experimentation with their eyes. Brown eyes have got the beauty in them to match the face of girls belonging to any skin tone or any race. If you are one with brown eyes you become just perfect for beauty and style.

Today, I have gathered some useful makeup tips for brown eyed girls which can help boost their beauty and enhance the effect of their eye color to a greater extent.

Look for Your Skin Tone:

Since the brown color is very common in girls with all kinds of skin tones you have to be careful about choosing the color and style of makeup for yourself. It is not necessary for you to use the kind of makeover which has been done by some black girl when you have a white or a brown skin tone. When you have to choose a color enhancer for your eyes, you should pick it up according to the tone of your skin so that it suits your overall look and create a good effect on your looks.

Choose the Right Eye Shadow:

Choosing the right eye shadow is the next step to get a beautiful look of your brown eyes. You can experiment with many different colors. Usually blue shades of eyes shadows go perfectly well with the brown eyes. You can also choose them from green shades and copper shades.

Other than these shades you can go for brown shades as well because they are going to merge with the effect of your eyes color. Those girls who have got small size of eyes can use this to create a larger effect of their eyes.

Using a good amount of kohl or liner in black finely blended with the help of a brush on the border line of both eye lashes the upper one and the lower one will boost the effect of your eyes and give it a magical serenity. This is advisable especially for girls who have got bigger size of eyes.

Do the Smoky Makeup:

Doing the smoky makeup suit everyone. But if you have got brown eyes you are the right person to try it. You can go for shades including the following:

  • Charcoal shade
  • Silver shades
  • Grey shades

These shades can be used along with black to create a smoky effect on your eyes. This way your eyes will be enhanced in their magnificent effect and spell bound anyone who sees them.

Get the Retro Look:

You can do another experiment with your makeup for brown eyes. You can choose the retro look for your eyes. Use the white lining along with the black one to create that effect and enjoy the style it provides you.

It is good to do experiments with your makeup especially your eye makeup. Get involved in testing at home all the shades and styles you can grab and see the results. This way your understanding of your eyes and your looks will increases and you will be able to do a better makeup.


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