Makeup Guide for Brown Eyes


Ladies with brown eyes are really fortunate because they can rock any shade of eyeshadow and look great! From green to purple, to gold to copper all these eyeshadows look phenomenal when paired with brown eyes. Many brown-eyed ladies are uninformed of the different ways to use makeup in order to make their eyes pop. Fortunately, the internet is crowded with beautiful makeup looks and tutorials by talented makeup artists.

  1. Golden Smokey Eye
    If you have hazel brown eyes, one of the best eyeshadows to use is gold. That’s because the gold color helps bring out the yellow tint in your brown eyes. However, going full-on gold isn’t recommended so we suggest something like the photo above a golden Smokey eye. If you don’t fancy a Smokey eye, just mix your gold with something bronze or copper to complement your brown eyes.
  2. Electric Blue Shadows
    We love electric blue eyeshadow for brown eyes because the coolness of the blue color contrasts the warmness of the brown eyes. However, take note that not all blue colors will work great on you. Pick something bright like electric blue or royal blue. An additional tip is to wear royal blue eyeliner along the lash line to accentuate the contrast and brighten the whites in your eyes too!
    3. Silver Shadows
    Whether you go silver Smokey eye or just a simple silver eyeshadow, it’s going to look great on you girl. Just the same with the bright blue eyeshadow, the cool-toned silver sparks a beautiful contrast with the warm-toned brown of your eyes. You can’t go wrong with this color Go gunmetal, metallic or platinum silver–take your pick! Just a quick note, don’t put too much silver eyeshadow on the lower lash line as this can enhance the appearance of dark under eye circles.
  3. Gold & Purple Eyeshadow
    Purple eyeshadow is the best eyeshadow color to wear for ladies. If you’ve been avoiding this shade, it’s time to create purple eye looks right now. Purple is a very flattering eyeshadow color because it easily goes will with any hair color, skin tone, and eye color. And guess what? Purple eyeshadow for brown eyes works perfectly because brown and purple are contrasting colors on the color wheel! We suggest going for a purple shade with a bluish tint or mixing purple with gold!
  4. Bridal Eye Eyeshadow
    It is suggest bridal eye makeup for brown-eyed ladies. Just like any bridal makeup, we want to keep it soft and simple. But of course, we don’t want something too simple that it will pass for an everyday makeup look. A deep crease, a perfectly shaped flying eyeliner, and a neutral eyeshadow will make you look gorgeous!
  5. Teal and Coral Eyeshadow
    Green is one of the best eyeshadow for brown eyes that you can ever wear! The more it will look amazing on you if you have hazel eyes. But if you have purely brown eyes, teal green is absolutely perfect! It makes your eyes stand out and make it look more vibrant. Add a bit of peach eyeshadow in the middle to soften the look.
  6. Holiday Shimmer Eyes
    I know the holidays are over, but this holiday shimmer makeup is one of the book y’all! If you’re going on out on a date night or perhaps, just attending a formal party, this champagne gold eyeshadow will look great on your brown eyes.


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