How to Control BP ? Instantly and Naturally


How to Control High BP

How to control high bp? is not a myth anymore. One can use medications or natural ingredients along with a healthy lifestyle to control high blood pressure. High blood pressure must be treated well other wise it can cause harm to human body beyond imagination and can even be a serious threat to life.

Blood pressure can cause severe damage to heart vessels. So it is important to control high blood pressure. One should adopt such ways of living that can help in keeping and maintaining blood pressure normal and in control. If anyone has a problem of high blood pressure they should monitor it regularly. Blood pressure may not harm body organs instantly but with the passage of time, it will weaken vessels that can cause heart attack or hemorrhage. Blood pressure can harm kidneys and damage other organs also. This silent killer known as high blood pressure can be life threatening if not treated well or left untreated at all. High blood pressure is a common problem during pregnancy as well. High blood pressure during pregnancy usually goes on its own after delivering a baby. But patient should keep regular check and take proper medicines to avoid any complications during or before delivery. There are certain home remedies that can help people with high blood pressure to keep their blood pressure normal. By simply choosing healthy life style and avoiding bad eating habits, one can say good bye to this monstrous disease. Sometimes blood pressure can keep damaging body organs silently or it may rise instantly. In any situation it is important to control blood pressure.

What are the levels of high blood pressure?:Blood pressure range for normal healthy person is 70-110 of millimetres of mercury. A blood pressure is considered high if it goes above these figures. Minimum 120 systolic pressure and 180 distolic pressure is considered threatening high range to cause stroke and damage to veins. 

How to know if you have high blood pressure?:You may have blood pressure and experience no symptoms at all until it cause sudden stroke or heart attack. Usually high blood pressure can cause dizziness and nose bleeding. You may experience headaches and strains on your shoulders also. If any symptom occurs, you must see your doctor to check blood pressure and try to normalize it to avoid any serious damage. 

How to control blood pressure instantly? There are two types of hypertension crisis. It may be urgent or it may be emergency crisis. In urgent crisis, your blood pressure will be very high but have not caused any damage to organs yet. Whereas in emergency crisis, blood pressure has not only caused severe damage but can be risky for life also. In both urgent and emergency hypertension crisis, you need to control your blood pressure instantly and quickly to minimize any damage. In emergency case, medicine is given immediately to patient to lower high bp.

How to Control high BP Naturally? :people suffering from high blood pressure can keep it in control by using medicines, however there are many healthy and natural ways by which we can control high blood pressure.These may include the following:

  1. Exercising five times a week. this is a very healthy way to control high Bp. Having small walks is another beneficial way to control high Bp
  2. salt intake should be limitized high salt intake it’s a major cause of high blood pressure
  3. junk food should be avoided.
  4. high sugar intake causes high blood pressure. Beverages contain large amounts of sugar so their intake should be lessened
  5. drinks containing caffeine for example coffee and tea their intake should be reduced.
  6. stress can cause high blood pressure.Learn stress relieving exercises, as it can cause harm to physical and emotional health too.
  7. Eat healthy food and avoid eating frozen food as well as food in tins.
  8. Quit alcohol as well as smoking, both cause severe damage to our body
  9. Obesity is another reason for high blood pressure. people should more weight should loose it immediately or it will problem like high blood pressure
  10. Eat more vegetables it contain fibre which helps in weight lose and regulating blood pressure.
  11. Eat mineral rich food.taking mineral providing medicines also helps.
  12. Try breathing and stress relieving exercises.

By following simple and healthy lifestyle, one can easily take command over high bp and lower it to desired levels.You can do these simple things at home without any hassle. Also there are certain foods that can help in lowering high blood pressure naturally. Try to include these in your daily diet to take full advantage of them. Some examples are 

  1. Ginger
  2. Garlic
  3. Berries
  4. Bananas (potassium rich) 
  5. Apple cider vinegar 
  6. Food full of fibre
  7. Water

How to control high bp in pregnancy? Although high blood pressure is common in pregnancy but it should be treated well otherwise it can cause harm to woman and baby. Some major causes of high bp during pregnancy can be:

  1. Being obese or over weight
  2. Age more than 35
  3. Alcohol or smoking
  4. Having first child or more than one child.
  5. Not doing proper movement. Try to walk and do pregnancy exercises during pregnancy.
  6. Family history of high blood pressure can also cause bp in pregnant woman.

Always keep track of your blood pressure during pregnancy. High blood pressure can cause certain abnormalities like syndromes, pre mature birth , baby with low weight or delivery through c-section. It is important to take recommended medicines regularly during pregnancy .There are certain medications which have adverse effect on baby development. Doctor will recommend pregnancy safe medicines. Try not to miss your dose. Pregnancy causes emotional ups and downs which can trigger stress levels. Pregnant women should try to ease up themselves both physically and emotionally. These women should adopt healthy life style and quit any alcohol intake immediately otherwise there can be irreversible damage to fetus.


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