History and Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte


Napoleon Bonaparte was a man with enthusiast personality. His comparison is usually made with Hitler, while in fact both vary two different personalities.

Hitler was a philosopher while Napoleon a revolutionist.

Overall Napoleon was a man of history with striking personality.

Many interesting details about the history and biography of Napoleon Bonaparte is mentioned in Urdu in the following. History and biography of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte History and Biography

Napoleon Bonaparte is revered as a great French statesman, emperor and military leader. He was of Italian descent. He is also known as Napoleon 1. He was born in the modest family of Corsica island, but he rapidly enhances his military ranks during the French revolution (1789-1799). In 1804 Napoleon became the emperor of France and later on he becomes the emperor of nearly the whole Europe. He is considered as one of the best and skilled military strategy makers. He waged many wars and almost win every battle and that’s why he is considered as the best military commanders of history. He is also known for revolutionizing the French military, education system and any civil organizations.

Though he was very famous but there are some fascinating facts about Napoleon you will probably don’t know about him.

Napoleon’s Romantic Novel

Certainly, Napoleon Bonaparte was considered as a ruthless emperor and tyrant at that time but behind the face of this tyrant, there was a soft heart too. He wrote a romantic novel Clisson et Eugéniejust before he married Josephine in 1975. He was 26 years old at that time. This novel was about his relationship with Bernardine EugénieDésirée Clary. This novel was not published in his lifetime but after his death this novel was published many times.

Discovery of Rosetta Stone by Napoleon

Rosetta Stone is a granodiorite slab, now present in British museum. It is craved in three types of old languages. One ishieroglyphic Egyptian, it is ancient Egyptian formal language in which logos and elements are used as alphabets. The second one is Demotic Egyptian which is also Egyptian language and many Egyptian scripts are written in this language. The third one is old Greek. The importance of this stone is because of the language craved on this helped to understand many Egyptian manuscripts and hieroglyphics. This stone was discovered by Napoleon’s army when he was on expedition of Egypt to conquer it and cut off the British trade route in 1799.

Napoleon was Corsican Nationalist

At an early age Napoleon was also a Corsican patriot. He and his family were also against French rule, and he himself called French “monsters” in many places for their tyranny. But after he moves to France and as he gains higher ranks in French military and his view about the world changed, he starts adopting French manners and cultures. After the clash between Napoleon and Pasquale Paoli the governor of Corsica, Napoleon left Corsica forever.

Napoleon Walk-in Streets to get people reviews

Napoleon 1 walks in the streets of Paris every night. He dressed up as a commoner and wander in streets. He tries to find out what normal people think about the emperor, his merits, and demerits by wandering in the streets. Some think, due to this habit, he was able to revolutionize many organizing systems at that time.

Napoleon Cheat in Cards

Napoleon hates to be defeated in anything whether it is a war or a game. It is said that he paly cards with his fellows and whenever he is losing he tries to cheat. His mother Letizia described Napoleon “When Napoleon was losing at cards he cheated without scruple, and all submitted with such grace as they could muster, except the stern Corsican lady, who in her decided tone would say, ‘Napoleon, you are cheating.’ To this he would reply: ‘Madame, you are rich, you can afford to lose, but I am poor and must win.”

Napoleon wore Poison

Some people believe that Napoleon wore a tiny bottle of poison around his neck. So in case he is captured or lose by his enemies, he can eventually drink it. Napoleon did also use this poison when he was abdicated and exiled to Elba. But it is said that the potency of this poison was decreased, so this tiny bottle of poison can make him severely ill.

Napoleon was a Tone Deaf

Napoleon likes to sing whenever he feels excited or in a happy mood. But apparently his singing abilities were not good as his military strategies. The people around him stated that he sings clearly out of tone. Betsy Balcombe, Napoleon’s friend once described that “He began to hum the air, became abstracted, and, leaving his seat, marched round the room, keeping time to the song he was singing…. In fact Napoleon’s voice was most unmusical, nor do I think he had any ear for music; for neither on this occasion, nor in any of his subsequent attempts at singing, could I ever discover what tune it was he was executing.”

Napoleon Short Height Rumor

It is well-spread rumor that Napoleon was short heighted. Nowadays, many short heighted characters are related to Napoleon’s height. But is it true that Napoleon’s height was that small? No! it is not true. After his death his height was measured by a physician who stated it 5 feet and 2 inches which relating to today’s measurement is 5 feet and 6 inches which is average now and as well at that time.


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