Bodybuilding Food, Nutrition Or Diet Guide Tips in Urdu


Nutrition is an essential component of your body. It is very necessary to have a proper nutrition in your diet to sustain a healthy life. If you are indulging yourself in exercise like bodybuilding it becomes further imperative for you to have proper nutrition. Many people just focus to build their muscles and don’t focus on the nutrition. Glucose and necessary vitamins are excessively needed by your body after the exercise.

According to the traditional and primitive approach we should take tree meals in a day but modern scientific research has showed that we should be taking several smaller meals according to our routine and needs.

Time is a very important factor in your diet. Diet should be taking at those times when it is needed by the body. Taking lots of food at night is harmful for the health. It tends to change in cholesterol rather to breakdown as glucose. Due to this required amount of calories are not produced. This is the reason why bodybuilders are advised to take their meals in the day time. So that maximum amount of energy could be yielded from the food which is taken.
Taking in lots of food without proper planning in bodybuilding is discouraged. Following are some of the basic facts which every body builder must know about the necessary nutrients.


Protein is one of the most important and essential element of the nutrition. This is the element which is immensely important for growth. The largest sources for the protein are eggs, fish, meat and dairy products. These proteins are termed as animal proteins. Plant protein sources are rice, pea, corn and peanuts. Some body builders rely on the plant proteins, which if properly utilized can be extremely beneficial.

There are protein supplements available in the market for body builders which should be taken as described by your nutritionist in your gym.


Carbohydrates are that part of your nutrition without which life cannot sustain. It is the direct source of energy which is needed to carryout various activities of the daily life. Carbohydrates are further grouped into two categories on the basis of their readiness to be broken down as glucose to yield energy. These are termed as simple and complex carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates (mono-saccharides) are readily broken down into glucose and yields instant energy while complex (polysaccharides) are first broken down into starch and than in glucose.


Some people perceive fats to be something which is always detrimental for the health. It is not true. Balanced amount of fats are necessary for the healthy growth of human beings. It protects various vital organs of the body. It acts as an insulator in the body as well.


We cannot deny the importance of water in our daily diet plan. As we perspire more during the exercise it becomes imperative that maximum intake of water is ensured. Water performs various important roles in the body. It acts as a solvent and washes the kidneys.
We hope that you would find this information useful and get benefit from this.


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