How to Apply Eyeshadow Makeup in Urdu


Eyes are considered as the best way to express what you feel that’s why it is important to take care of your eyes and to make them to look attractive. Eye shadows are necessary to make the eyes look bigger and brighter. Choosing the right color is the most important thing while applying eye shadows on your eyes.
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Eyeshadows Tips in Urdu
We are giving you people some suggestion about the eye makeup.
• Choose eye colors wisely because playing with colors is a tough job that needs much care and practice. Selection of color is critical because with different color you can change the shape and size of your eyes.
• Don’t use liquid eye shades and avoid the use of heavy creams as well. You should apply the cream with silicon that can absorb the extra oil of eyelashes.
• Try to avoid the use of concealer on the eye lashes because it makes your eyes to look greasy. Shadow base makes your lashes heavy so avoid it.
• Choose the eye shadow color according to the color of eye lens and the dress. Suppose if your lens color is blue then you should go for blue color.
• It is important to blend the eyeshade well on the eye to give an even tone to the eyes color. For blending the eye shades you need fine makeup brush.
• Take care of the color combination and coordination. Here is an example that if you are willing to apply red lipstick on your lips then sky blue or light green color is the best choice for the eye shadow. If your lipstick is of purple color then apply eye shadow of silver or pink color to make your eyes to look bigger and bright.
• If you want to have a glamorous makeup then you can use two or three eyes shades of good color contrast. Combination of two or three colors can give you a changed look and sensational eyes.
• Shimmery eyes look pretty but one should not use in excess, especially when you are wearing dark color. Shimmers look cool on the eye shadow of light color so if you like shimmers then you can use it with light eyes shadow color.
Quality of base, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and shimmer should be your main concern because products of inferior quality can affect your eye sight.