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diet plan for diabetic patients

Diet Plan for Diabetic Patients in Ramadan

Diabetes is not a fatal disorder, but when the pancreas stops making insulin, then the sugar level in the blood get lower. It is...
Freddie Mercury

Scientific Reasons behind the Freddie Mercury’s Awesome Voice

Why do so many people go ga ga when listening to Freddie Mercury sing? What is it about his serenading that’s so utterly seductive...


How to Increase Breast SIze Naturally

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally ? Tips in Urdu

The common and universal belief of a beautiful lady is graded mostly as having a beautiful figure, attractive hair and face as well. The definition...
Zubaida Apa Tips

Zubaida Apa k Totkay | Zubaida Tariq Tips in Urdu

If you want to search Zubaida Tariq tips in Urdu on internet, you have to search Zubaida Apa k totkay. Zubaida Tariq is a famous name in our country for providing the useful tips about our daily lives. She was born on 4th of April, 1945.
Negative Effects of Hand Practice

What are the Negative Effects of Hand Practice?

Hand practice or masturbation is unnatural activity and has many harmful consequences. There are many side effects of excessive masturbation and people who claim...


Ringworm: Causes, Symptoms and Safety Measures

Ringworm: Causes, Symptoms and Safety Measures

Ringworm is caused by the microscopic organisms called dermatophytes that reside on the surface of the skin. It is a fungal infection that can...