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Best Vitamins for Skin

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Vitamins play a vital role in the development and nourishment of skin. They are a vital part of our body chemistry and we should...
How to Wax at Home

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Here are many beauty tips in Urdu for women. Waxing is considered the most useful technique for the hair removal. But how to wax is important to keep in mind. Usually ladies opt for the traditional methods to remove unnecessary hair from their faces, arms and legs.


Benefits of Eating Aloe Vera

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The first impression that you might get by looking at Aloe Vera must be enthralling. It is a little plant that looks more like...


Lemon Benefits and Lemon Storage Tips

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Lemon is a small yellow fruit that is easily available over the world. Because is grows in every part of the globe, the uses...
Floor Cleaning

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Marble is a beautiful and precious stone, used to construct buildings. Here in this Article we have mentioned some cleaning tips in How to Clean marble tiles.



Good Shoulder Workouts

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The most notable feature of a bodybuilder is their muscular shoulders. If shoulders are broad then it creates a general impression that he is...

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Now a days every one wants to be look fit and smart. Bodybuilding is a tool to get this goal. Information about Bodybuilding in urdu is given here.