How to do a Face Massage? Urdu Tips


With all the pollution and stress around us, face massage has become an essential aspect of skins care that gives a fresh look to the face. It is a proven fact that regular massage can keep your skin young and spot free for a longer period. If you give some proper time to your skin, you can bring a distinct glow on your skin and make yourself look younger and fresh round the clock. Women are very sensitive about their skin and always want to learn new ways to take care of it. There are different ways in which a face massage can be done, however, there is always a standard way to make things happen. In order to do yourself the massage you need:

  • A clean soft towel
  • Massage cream
  • A medium size roll of cotton 
  • A bowl of water

Once you have all these on your table, you are all set for the massage.

  • Before you start, wash your hands with an antiseptic soap or hand sanitizer to make sure that your hands are clean.
  • Wrap the towel around your shoulders to keep your clothes safe.
  • Wet your face with water and apply the massage cream on your face. 
  • Start your facial massage from forehead because it is easy to get your hands in the flow from there. In addition, the number of aging lines is greater in number and more visible on the forehead than other parts of face.
  • Massage the cream slowly on your face, gradually covering all parts of it.
  • The direction of the massage should be upward and outward.
  • Human face and body have some pressure points. For example, the skin near your ears and eyes, the skin around the jaw line; you should put some pressure on these points to have a soothing effect. It reduces your tension and gives you relaxed feeling.
  • Now move your fingers in circular motion on cheeks and around the eyes.
  • Give your first and middle finger a spiral movement on the face directed from nose to ear lobes.
  • Place you finger on chin then massage in upward direction.
  • After the facial massage of ten minutes, apply cream on neck; massage in upward direction and put some pressure on the back of the neck with fingertips. Most of the people ignore their neck that is why they start getting neck wrinkles before they know it.
  • Avoid the massage cream to enter in mouth or eyes.
  • Once you are done, clean the massage cream with the help of cotton.
  • After getting the cream off your face, wash it with clean water and let the water dry. You can also use the towel to dry your face, however, never ever rub your face with it. 
  • Your face massage is complete.
  • The massage cream that you choose should be according to the skin type. Specialized massage cream for different skin types are available in the market. For oily skin, you should get a massage cream that is oil free. For dry skin, massage cream with moisture is the best-suited one and for sensitive skin, choose the one with natural ingredients. You can also use a facial cleanser if you don’t have a massage cream with you.

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Face Massage Tips in Urdu