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Tipu Sultan was a great warrior and ruler of 17th century. If you want to read the biography of people who have changed the entire world with their great enthusiasm and individual skills, concern the following topic on Tipu Sultan history. A brief explanation has been given in this article about his achievements that he made in his entire life. Tipu was born on 20 November 1759 in Delhi. He was very brave and intelligent since his childhood. He mastered in Islamic education and several languages like Arabic, Farsi, English, French, Urdu and Tamil. He also mastered in the art of military tactics and swimming. In 1765, he attacked Malabar with Haider Ali khan. In 1767, he attacked on the Englishmen at Mangalore. In 1772, Haider Ali snatched the states of Tang Bhadar and Krishna from Marhats. In 1780, Tipu and Haider again fought with the Englishmen with their 90000 army. In 1782, Haider Ali died. In 1784, he signed on the agreement with Englishmen. In 1787, Sultan signed another agreement with Nizam and Marhats. In 1784, he made Usman Khan the ambassador and sent him to Constantinople. In 1789, he wrote a letter to Raja and asked him to return both of his forts. In 1790, governor of Madras wrote him to arrange commissioners to talk against the fighting and Sultan agreed to this suggestion. In 1790, British army attacked Maisur. In 1791, Carnovalos won Bangalore. In 1798, British general Hars moved further to have a battle with Sultan. In 1799, they caught Tipu Sultan and killed him.
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