Homeopathic Medicine Side Effects in Urdu

Homeopathy is a system of the medication introduced by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 on the principle of ” Like cures like”. The principle states that the symptoms of the disease i.e. Immunity against any particular disease in a healthy person can cure the disease in sickness. Homeopathy gained popularity in the 19th century after the 80% success rate during the cholera epidemic period.
Till now people use homeopathic medicine regularly believing it to be the best type of health care. Like anything else, homeopathy has its own advantages and disadvantages over the other medication systems. The mentionable thing here is that the things those are the strength of homeopathy are also the weaknesses.

Homeopathic medication mainly focuses on stimulating the immune system to make it stronger as it provides the defense against the disease. This is the main plus of the homeopathic medication. And this is also one of the disadvantages of the homeopathic medication. Immune system stimulation can badly affect the health of the sensitive people and can cause the symptoms of flu etc.
Homeopathy involves the huge amount of dilution that makes Homeopathic medication non allergic and non toxic. Natural and non synthetic substances are used in making homeopathic medicines. The disadvantage here is that as it involves very natural substances, correct dose matters a lot and if it is ignored it can cost you a lot. Even the physicians cannot specify dose without taking the complete history of the patient that can be sometimes wrong as well.

The theory of homeopathy says that disease is like a tree with its roots deep down somewhere and without taking out those root diseases cannot be cured. That is why the homeopathy medicines take long time to cure the disease. The disadvantage against this advantage of removing the root cause is that this long term treatment frustrates the patients, as everyone want to get rid of the disease as soon as possible, and they leave the treatment. That can be far more harmful.

Most of the medicines, especially the liquid ones contain alcohol in it. Therefore, it may cause drowsiness, loss of appetite and headache. In addition, regular usage of homeopathic medicine also can also result in various stomach related health problems.
Most the patients taking homeopathic medicine are not able to use it for a prescribed term required to get the best results. Because it requires mixing a given number of drops of liquid in water to be taken every few hours, it becomes hectic to follow over time. This eventually leads to dosage skipping and complete ignorance from the treatment.

Over time, this treatment brings several negative effects in the human body. Loss of hair, health and muscles has been seen in patients who had been using this treatment for several years. According to some leading homeopathic experts, it is a rare phenomenon; still, it exists.

Homeopathic Medicines Side Effects in UrduHomeopathic Medicines Side Effects in Urdu

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  1. AoA………Friends.

    Yeh hamaray 1 coleege haen jinkee tehreer hay aur hamaray Group mein

    inko POOSTI HAKEEM kehtay hain.Because he is Hakeem by Profession.

    Apni jawani ki ghaltion ki saza bhugat rahay hain aur kasoor Homoeo ka

    samajhtay hain. Inko Muaaf kar dena.

  2. Assalam-u-Alikum my name is KAMRAN ATHAR & my father was H.Dr & Homeopathic Book writter and a book was published by him on my name. me and many of their students are very thanks to him because he publish homeopathic book in urdu but there are many lacking some of them are as follows.
    1 the doctor who is teaching and has done doctory in homepathic with him there should also be doctor who has done (M.B.B.S)(B.D.S) who after seeing the patient should give him perfectly prescription and after return he will think and check X-RAYS and their reports and all reports can study and that can teach only M.B.B.S DR

  3. Side effect to har aek cheez ki hoti hai. Misal k tor par jab paani ziada pia jae to peshab bahot aata hai, jab khana ziada khaa liya jae to pet khrab ho jata hai, jab inter course ziada kiya jae to weakness feel hoti hai. jab neend puri na ho to dimach bojal bojal hota hai. To janab aap homoeopathy par samjhay he nahi ho.

    •  Dr Saheb  aap ne bohat sahee Tashreeh ki hey  SIDE EFFECTS ki, pata nahee log kiyoon nahee sochtay. DAWATOON mein plate bhar bhar ke jab khaaen ge, tou phir pet ke aarzey mein mubtala hojatey hein, na vahen ye yaad rehata hey keh hamarey PIAREY NABI (s.a.w) ne bhi tou kuch takeed farmai hay. mager badmast haati hojaatey hein hum log khaney ko dekh ker, uss sey ziada ZAYE kr dety hein.

      Allah aap ko khush rakhey

    • side effects medicine k discuss ho rahy hein. Aggrivation k nahe. jab b koHomoeopathic doctor medicine advise krta hein tu wo sath tareeka istemall be btata hein , ye ise leye hein k aap isy pani nah smaj k pee lain

  4. To janab pehlay aap sahi study karain phir homoeopathy k khilaf koi afticle shaya karain, pehlay apnay greban main dekh kar socho phir baat karo, aap b meray khyal se allupathic doctors k agent ho jo propegenda phila rahe ho, unhon ne aap ko kitney karaya par rakha hai, aap log chahe jitna propeganda karo ab dor homoeopathic ka hai aur rahe ga. ( Inshallah ).

  5. AoA

    This is total ridicules thinking against this this remarkable treatment. Homeopathic treatment is a system of medicines that is not new a way of treatment more than 200 years old. You r not even know its philosophy. You must read it first its philp after that you can say so it. it is history and is open challenge for all over the world’ s critics why can not prove a single side effect from this way of treatment from more than 200 years.
    I say all of you who are concern with this treatment plz plz plz dont take notice like this foolish persons….
    Wasim Ahmed Attock

  6. i think , first of all you should get admission in a Homoeopathic medical College and get professional degree about it. because you even do not know what is Homoeopathy.

  7. Aoa.m dr nabila choudry homeo dr..homeopathy best treatment ha isk few drops e insan ko shifa sa hamkinar kr sktay hain bs med ki selection allamat ko madenazr rakh k kya jay..

  8. AOA, all dear,
    ye kya bakwaas sa propoganda kia jaraha he. Naach na jany aangan tearha. ye mohawrah iss person pr khu bakhu fit baith ta he jis ka Homeopathic sy mutalak apna ilam na hony ky braber he aur wo describe krta he k side effects of homeopathic medicines. Dear jub tuk apko homeopathic treatment ka complete ilam na ho us waqat tuk aap uss ilam ya science ko burha bhala nehi keh sakty.
    Agar kisi Homeopathic doctor ny apni kum ilami ki waja sy correct case taking aur correct medicine na di ho tu iss mein homeopathy ka kya kasoor he. Ye homeopathic system tu aik science he jo pichalli 2.25 century sy kamyaabi sy apni manzal te kr rahi he. Ye Like cure by Like ky method pr kaam krti he. Jiss tarah aaye din Allopathic Treatment mein aaye roz new medicine market mein launch kr di jati he aur kuch hi arsy baad ye keh kr ye medicine bund kr di jati he k issky side effects bohat khatarnaak hein jub ky Homeopathic Treatment mein aaj tuk kisi bi Medicine ko ye keh kr bund nehi kya gya ky iss ky side effects bohat ziyada hein aur iski sale bund honi chahye. Baat ho rahi he Homeopathic Single Remedy ki naa ky compounds medicines ki. Allopethic ki tumam medicines Monkeys, Mouses, Cats, Frogs etc., pr test kr ky phir insaano pr iska istemaal kya jata he jub k Homeopathy ki all medicines purely insaano pr proove ki jati hein yehi wajah he k Homeopathic ki koi bi medicine cancel ye bund nehi ki gie jub ky allopathic medicines aaye roz market mein aati aur side effects ki waja sy bund kr di jati he, Jaisy Novalgin, Optalidon aur bohat si medicines ye keh kr bund kr di gie hein ky inky side effects bohat ziyada hein lahaza inko istemaal na kya jaye. Jub ky Homeopathic single remedy Medicines ki aik bi medicine side effects ki wajah sy cancel ya bund nehi ki gie.
    Aik aur galt fehmi jo ky Homeopathic medicines bnany mein Alkohol ky istemal ky baary mein he.
    Yes it’s true the reasons are many here we are trying to explain few facts about alcohol, Homeopathic medicines can be prepared using alcohol as well as distill water as a base. The main reason behind this that they both Water and Alcohol are Neutral in nature (ph=7) but, Alcohol has more power to absorb the active principles from the crude drug substance, and has got the capacity to preserve the medicine for a longer time. The mother tinctures used in homeopathy are made with the help of alcohol, not only for preservation, but also for a better extraction of part of the plant/animal/elements components. The alcohol base in homeopathic remedies is required by the HPI as a preservative in liquid formulas; Medicinal compound from herbs could be extracted by alcohol or water. Alcohol is easier as you do not require heat. If water is used you need to go through a process of decoction – which uses heat. It has been recently discovered through spectral analysis that OH group in alcohol exhibits the same behavior as that of water. This was able to explain how the memory of medicinal substance is stored in water and alcohol. However, if a person is sensitive to alcohol or just don’t like the taste, they can pour a day’s dosage into a glass of warm water and just let it settle down. Most of the alcohol will evaporate over a period of 3 to 4 hours at which time you may sip the remedy throughout the day as directed. Alcohol just like a dose of yogort when you want to make the Yogort. Only one table spoon yogort mixed in 3 litter boiled milk which after few hours convert into Yogort. I ask a question Where gone the milk when make the Yogort. Mery khyaal sy ab sub ko samajh mein aa gya ho ga ky Homeopathic Single Remedies have no side effects it has only proovings of the given wrong single remedy medicine not the side effects. I hope you understand the concept of Homeopathy and Alcohol.
    Take care every body,
    Homeopathic Dr. Zulqarnain from Sialkot.

    • Walaikum Aslaam,
      Sorry Janab, ap logo ko es baray hurt kia, kaafi purani post hai, ap es k benefits likh kr send kr dain, hum woh publish kr dain gay :)

  9. i am not agree with you that the homeo medicine have side effect you need study about this system. i am a homeopathic doctor DHMS BHMS Mac hon ok salam to all

  10. a.o.a I just want to say u all , k ap sab jo itni baaten kar rahe ho ek k b andaaz se ni lagta k wo Dr to door ek suljha hua insan b hai apne ikhlaaq darust karo phir Dr bannana and 2nd ye k ye jisne side effects btaey wo to ap sabko ghalat lag rahe hen and likhne waala jahil lagrha hai , abi agr wo e advantages bhar bhar k byaan kare to ap e sab ussay ALLAMa kaho gy , pehle tamiz to seekho akal use karna to seekho phir bolna , bura lagy to apni homeo ki Gelsimium le lena 😀 thnx

  11. AssalamuAlaikum: ALLAH PAAAAAK ka LA khan LA khan shuker hai k me 7,saal se homeopathic k ilaaj ki prectis ker raha hun. Mujay aj,tak koi side,efect dekhnay ko na milla. Me 1,homeo doctor hhonay ki waja se ni taareef ker raha bal,k mujay is treeka ilaj per fakher hai. Or me kamyaabi se prectis ker raha hun. Ager koi kissi qissam ka ilaj k hwalay se mahlumat leni ho tu (draftab03@gmail.com) rabta karain. ShukriA

  12. Aslamualikum
    Homeopathic behtareen tareeqa elaaj hy. Haan ager kisi aise insaan k haath me de diya jai jisko kuch elam he nahin to zaroor elaaj nahin hoga otherwise es terha k koi b side effect nahin hy ye sabh bilkul galat baatain hain. Me UK me 2 saal se hyperthyroid ka elopathic treatment kerwa rahi thi theek hone k saath 4 problem or shuru aur madicine chorte he phir thyroid high then mene just homeopathic pe concentrate kia Alhamdolillah perfect hon aur koi b side effect nai huwa. Same migrane k lie b mene homeopathic li aur perfect result without any side effect.

  13. homoeopathy duniya ki wahid apathy hai his me tibbe nab I sallalahu Ali w sllam keep bataye huwi dawaon ko homoeopathy ki shackle me puri duniya ke saamne pashe kiya hai….ab burai byaan Karen ki zarorat nahi hai burai Karen wale tamam Dawson ko cheque karo ham homoeopathy Walton ke liye kuch hi Dawaon me puri shifa shifa shifa hai… sayeed kam ilm wale nahi jaante homoeopathy keep bani Dr Hinma
    n musalman the.(092 72 313 110)

  14. Assalamo alaiku dosto.aaj sa 7 saal pehle muje skin psoriasis Hua ta ma ne her tarah ka ilaj Kia magar kuch improvements nahe ho raha ta akher ma ma ne homeopathic ka ilaj shuru Kia aur meri skin pehle ki Tara teek ho gaie ser k Baal pher ugg gaie aur muje aur b Kaie sare health benefits mil gaie

  15. Salaam
    Hakeem & homeo dr assad ullah khan attari
    tareqa ilaaj koi b ho side efect sab me hoty hen agr ham ye kahen tibb-e-islami & homeopathic me koi side efect nahi hota to ye 1 khula jhoot he or jhoot ki buniyad p ilaaj nahi ho sakta or hamry deen k mutabiq haram b he
    ab a jain side efect ki taraf to jo tabahi elopathic madison ne machai he us p koi bat karny k liye taiyar nahi q k 62 sal k bad b hamri aksriyat zehni tor p gulam he
    me ne tibb-e-islami ko study kia to CANCER k hawaly se JALINUSE ka qol mila k CANCER la ilaaj he q CANCER ki dawaon itni shiddat he k mareez CANCER se nahi balky dawa ki shiddat se mar jay ga
    Jab k homeo pethic CANCER asan ilaaj mojod he
    Ab bat karty hen taweel ilaaj p to janab jesa marz ho ga os k mutabiq hi ilaj ho ga SUGER & BLOOD PRESSURE ki dawa sari zindigi q khaty hen log 2/4 din kha k chor q nahi dety
    Wajha samny he k jab tak zindigi he ose sehat k sath guzara jay
    Ab rahi ye bat k homeo & tibb-e-islam ka ilaaj taweel hota he to ye b khulla JHOOT he q k jitny fast risults 5/10 seconds me tibb-e-islami & homeo pathic me milty hen kisi or tariqa-e-ilaaj me nahi mil sakty
    Jo haqaiq treatment k hawaly se mere ilm me ay wo me ne baiyan kr diye
    Phir b Agr is tamam guftugu me kisi ko koi bat nagawar lage to advance me mazrat
    Duaon ka talabgar ;

  16. homoeopath dr.munib qadri. .. homeopathy dawa se nuksan nhi hota .agar kisi ko hota hai to wo root I khans band kar DE isliye k zayada aur gal at tareqe se khaye Jane wali hear chiz se nuksan hits hair.09272313110