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Headache is a very common problem these days. Every single person complains about headache. You will find many medicines and antibiotics for the treatment of headaches but all the medicines and antibiotics have got some of the side effects. Taking medicines for treating headache will make you feel relax for a short while but might upset your stomach or cause disorders in your digestive system. Though there are supplements which have no side effects but treating headache in a natural way has no substitute. In this article you will come to know about some natural and effective ways to deal with the headache.

According to expert physicians, the natural way is the best method for the treatment of headache. The natural way includes a balanced diet plan and regular exercise. By following the natural way, you will feel its effectiveness and you will start preferring the natural method on medication. According to the expert nutritionists, the use of Vitamin B complex, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C can reduce the headache to a great extent. The use of mint and Rose Mari herbs is also very effective. Some of the most advised steps of expert physicians to get rid of headaches are given below:

Drinking plenty of water

Sometimes due to the deficiency of water, headache can irritate you a lot. 70% part of the human body is made of water. Due to the shortage of water headaches are caused and this mostly ends up leaving dandruff in your hair.

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Lay down inclined

Headaches are sometimes caused by low blood flow in the head. Therefore, the headache is an indication given by the brain to boost up the blood flow to the required limit. To enhance the blood flow towards your head the best effective method is to lay down inclined with the lower part of the body at least 30 degrees above the upper part of the body. In this position the blood will flow from the legs towards the neck and head, this will compensate the required blood flow of the head.

Yoga steps

Yoga steps and massage points are really effective in dealing with headache. The human body has acupuncture points for each part of the body. The massage point of head lies in the forefinger and thumb of the right hand. If you firmly massage the thumb and forefinger of the right hand, headache is likely to be reduced and or even end.


Sometimes due to the shortage of oxygen, headaches are caused. So to fulfil the demand of required oxygen the best method is to take long breaths in an open place. Inhale the air from your nose and exhale it from your mouth. The headache will reduce up to 80%.

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