Hair Care in Winter

Winter is here and it’s time to take out your stylish scarves to protect hair from chilled weather effects. With cold, your hair can get brittle and difficult to manage properly. It makes scalp itchy and flaky, causing dandruff which can turn out to be a serious concern for all women. A trichologist informs about the reason of this dryness in hair. It is because of changing temperatures. Outdoor temperature is lower than the inside of your home and this shift causes skin and hair-related issues.

Lack of Moisture Causes Brittleness

During cold weather, moisture is taken out from your scalp and hair. This deficiency of moisture leads to weakened hair follicles and dandruff by making skin flakier. In that situation, your hair needs more care and attention.

Oil Massage, the Best Option

Massage your scalp with warm oil to give it enough moisture, nourishment and trigger hair growth. You can use natural oils made with almond, coconut, olive, rosemary, jojoba, mustard and so on. Don’t buy low-quality commercial hair tonics because these are loaded with harmful chemicals, artificial essence, and colors which can rather damage your hair. Apply natural oils on weekly basis for great results.

Trim for Neatness

It is better to trim your hair frequently especially if you’re having split ends. Trimming will increase growth and also keep your hair well-managed.

Hair Treatments Are Detrimental

Avoid hair dye, streaking, ironing and re-bonding to keep them in good condition. Exposure to such treatments can lead to hair damage and weakness. Different strong chemicals used in such procedures can leave long-term adverse effects.

Skip using flat irons, blow dryers, and such heated products in winter as these can cause damage to delicate hair.

Shampoo Carefully and Not Too Often

Steaming water used to wash your hair after the shampoo is highly harmful because it weakens the follicles and causes frequent breakage. Hot water makes scalp flaky and dry which in turn causes brittleness in hair. When you shampoo your hair too often, it depletes natural hair oils.

Spa Treatment, Every Two Weeks

If you have the opportunity, give your hair spa treatment every two weeks. There you get oil massage, steam, shampoo, and deep conditioning. This is an excellent combination for managing hair in winter. It helps increase blood circulation in the scalp, and oil massage nourishes hair. It works great for thin hair to make them voluminous and thicker.

Conditioning Is Essential

In cold weather, don’t forget to apply conditioner every time you wash your hair to enhance its strength, shine, and elasticity. You can also use a natural conditioner such as coconut milk. After shampoo, wash your hair thoroughly and gently rub a little amount of conditioner over your hair taking care that it does not reach the scalp. Avoid vigorous massaging. Let it stay for about 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off. Some experts suggest using shampoo or a conditioner that containing cetyl alcohol. This is a derivative of an excellent natural moisturizing ingredient i.e. coconut.


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