Conditions of Jihad
Conditions of Jihad

Jihad is the most debatable Islamic concept among the western societies. In Islam the word jihad means to try and to work hard for some purpose. It means to fight for the sake of Allah Almighty against those who make life hard for the people of Allah. Jihad doesn’t only means to fight with infidels but there are 5 kinds of Jihad in Islam i.e. Jihad bi nafas(with oneself), Jihad bi lqalam(with pen), Jihad bi alam(with knowledge), Jihad bi mal(with money), Jihad bi saife(with sword). Jihad is the compulsory in Islam and is of great importance for Muslim Umma.


Conditions of Jihad


  1. Islam main jihad ka matlab Allah Pak ke rzamandi ky leya Islam ke rah main kuch kharch karna ya kise kise kisam ke mahnat ya koshish karna ya islam ke khathir jan ke qurbani dyne ko jihad kahlata hi.

  2. everything is written here is true if anyone wants to follow whats jihad says then you have to know that what is the true meaning of jihad………..


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