Acne: Causes and Treatment


Causes Of Acne

You always want to look beautiful irrespective of your age and gender, don’t you? Of course you do! And without any doubt acne free and fresh looking skin is the key to looking beautiful. Acne is one of the biggest threats to beautiful skin. This problem of skin cells accumulating oil on your facial skin is a result of various hormonal changes that your body goes through during your teen years till late twenties. This series of hormonal changes makes the skin unattractive by formation of acne scars on the skin. However, acne can also happen later in the age for some other reasons. Other causes of acne scars include mental pressure for instance a lot of women suffer from mental exertion and in the absence of any other way to take it out, their body starts producing excessive oils, leading to acne. Any disorder regarding liver could result in Acne problem as well and about that, one should consult a doctor.

Tips For Avoiding Acne

If you are suffering from acne problem, than you must not try to get rid of acne scars and spots at once because this could lead to swelling of pimples, also it would enhance the rate of growing pimples.

  1. The people who suffer from acne should keep their towels, soaps and things of daily use strictly for their personal use because it has a tendency to grow viral.
  2. Higher quantity of oils in your food content must be avoided because your stomach doesn’t digest it and in return it accumulates over our facial skin leading to acne pimples.
  3. Try not to touch the pimples again and again because it could lead to infection.
  4. A lot of liquids including water and apple juice should be consumed.

Treatment Of Acne

  1. Herbal facial or medicated facial are one of the effective acne remedies.
  2. Mix lemon and coconut oil apply it on the face for 15 minutes using cotton. Then steam your face for a while. This would help your skin against the acne scars to quite an extent.
  3. Make a paste of aspirin tablets and lemon juice and apply it your face overnight. Next morning, wash it with lukewarm water.
  4. Apply aloe Vera on the acne scars on a daily basis.
  5. Try washing your face with baby shampoo because it keeps the skin dry hence will control the amount of oil disposed of.
  6. Sometimes, even after the acne scars have been removed, they leave certain black spots behind. Before sleeping, dip a piece of cloth into hot water and apply it to the scars and press it. Then use a medicated cream on your face. This would help you get rid of the black spots.

Acne in UrduAcne Treatment in Urdu


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