Best Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Beautiful and strong hair add to the grace of both men and women equally. A well-personalised men or women can be less attractive because of his/her rough or damaged hair or to extreme extent baldness. While an average age looking men or women can have a magnetic attraction in his/her outlook if he/she possess beautiful, strong and thick hair type.

Hair fall problem is the common issue both in men and women of today. It can be due to some sort of mental agitation, polluted atmosphere, hormonal disorder, the use of high chemical base shampoo, hair dying, hair straightening therapy or the most common thing lack of balanced diet. So, it’s time to deliver you a good news that in the current article we are going to tell you some hair loss prevention tips or hair restoration tips that would really show magical results against this problem.

This hair loss prevention or hair restoration tips are really very simple to do and you would get relieved from the tension of high-paying or expensive but too much extent fruitless medication. Another thing I must tell you about this hair loss prevention or hair restoration tips is that the ingredients used for the care are those which may be available in your kitchen and cost very little. So don’t ponder over your budget just read our 10 best hair loss prevention tips and get them applied with no worry about any side effects. So here are the golden tips.

Hair Loss Prevention Tips

1. Keep your Hair Clean

The first step in hair loss prevention or hair restoration is to keep your hair deeply cleaned. For this purpose use a low chemical based shampoo or homemade shampoo thrice a week. The herbs like amla, right and shikakai are the best things you can use to wash your hair. Take some amount of the grinned herbs and soak them in a bowl of water all the night and use instead of shampoo in the morning. This homemade shampoo not only works best in hair loss prevention but also in hair restoration as well.

2. Lemon Juice in Lukewarm

The application of lemon juice in lukewarm water after shampoo helps in hair restoration or hair loss prevention as well as giving them a healthier and shiny look.

3. Coconut Oil, Lukewarm and Lemon Juice

For best results for hair restoration or hair loss prevention apply lukewarm and coconut oil along with few drops of lemon juice on your scalp. You would be surprised to see that not only your hair fall problem is prevented but also the already fallen hair get restored in just a few weeks of regular use.

4. Coriander Juice

Fresh coriander juice on your scalp for hair restoration or hair loss prevention. Apply coriander juice with the help of your fingertips single hour before bath and experience the magical results by yourself.

5. Onion Juice

Onion juice application on the scalp two hours before shampoo in the best hair restoration tip.

6. Garlic Juice

Garlic juice massage half hour before shampoo works best in hair loss prevention or hair restoration of already fallen hair.

7. Milk With Almonds

The intake of one glass of milk along with ten almonds or an apple daily also works best in hair loss prevention.

8. Raw Vegetables

Consuming raw vegetables is the best tip or treatment for hair loss prevention.

9. Yogurt And Mustard Oil

The application of yogurt along with mustard oil and egg is also good for hair loss prevention.

10. Combing

Combing increases your scalp blood circulation and is also effective against hair loss.

The above-given hair loss prevention or hair restoration tips are supposed to be helpful enough to make you get relieved of your tension.


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