Zubaida Tariq


Dear readers, today I am going to introduce you to the personality who has spent a very long time working through the days to help our daughters, sisters and wives to be skilful at their tasks at home and kitchen. You definitely have heard her name through many means and you do watch her on the television as well performing her tasks of grooming the ladies and telling them all the secrets to home and kitchen keeping.

That personality is none other than our dear Zubaida Aapa. Her name is Zubaida Tariq and we have developed this habit of calling her Zubaida Aapa out of sheer reverence and respect.

No doubt she is the woman who is crafty and intelligent enough to know all the secrets there are for a better housekeeping. This is her talent which she has kindly consented to share with other ladies for their betterment and to promote a better housekeeping culture in the society.

It is not the story of a few days or months, in fact it is a story of an lifetime that she has kindly devoted to this task and that is why everyone in our society including men and women regard her with utter veneration and value.

I also remember watching her on the National Television channel when I was young and I still watch her doing the very thing with equal interest and sincerity even today. She took this step of honing our young ladies when there was no such facility available to them on such a big platform. She reached each and every girl through the use of media and turned out that it was the wisest decision that she ever made.

Dear friends, Zubaida Aapa is a role model for every woman to follow. There is a lot about home and kitchen that she teaches you, there is a lot that she hears from you and there are a great number of tips and solutions she has been telling you through the years, but not even a single day has went that you might have devoted to get an insight to this lady’s life. Peeking into the lives of people who have influence on you help you uncover all the important things one should contain in one’s personality that can help one to be like the person one is impressed from. I say, it is very important for girls to know all about Zubaida Aapa and her tips so that they can use all those things in their own lives and practice them to become a perfect example of a woman in their family.

Becoming a good and honed woman is preferred a lot in our society. No matter how much the girl is educated, at the end of the day, the things that actually help her live a better life are the home keeping talents.

It is important because we live in a culture that promotes a joint family set up and where woman has to take care of everything related to home. We do not live in a society that does not give any importance to family life, in fact it is totally based on the family life system and a woman plays a key role to it because she is the bond that connect families and ensures their relationship is strong enough to last forever.

Zubaida makes sure, that the girls get to learn this moral by heart and practice on it with the help of her suggestions and tips.
Let us now have a look at Zubaida Tariq and her personal life:

  • Zubaida Aapa was born on the 4th of April in 1945. She was born in Hyderabad Deccan in India. Currently she is living in Karachi. Her family migrated to Pakistan after three years of separation and since then they have been living here and serving this nation as their own.
  • They are six sisters and four brothers.
  • She got married to her first cousin Tariq Hussain. They got married in 1966. She was 21 by the time she got married.
  • She has a daughter Saba and two sons.
  • Professionally she is a chef and one of the pioneer cooking experts of Pakistan who started promoting their skills on the National Television to spread the word of a better life and better housekeeping.
  • Previously she used to work for Pakistan Television but with the advent of greater channels and the promotion of media in Pakistan, she has also started working for the other television channels.
  • Currently she is working for the Masala TV, Pakistan.
  • She is not the only one in the family who is serving the Pakistani Nation through her skills. She belongs to a family which has produced notable personalities who have been working on a larger platform for the Pakistani Nation.
  • She is the sister of Anwar Maqsood. Anwar Maqsood is the Urdu writer; he is famous as a playwright, host and a television presenter.
  • She is the sister of Fatima Surayya Bajia who is also an Urdu playwright and novelist.
  • Another of her sister is Zahra Nigah who is an Urdu poet.
  • Her nephew is the famous Bilal Maqsood who plays for the Pakistani famous music band Strings.

Now that we have had a good peek in her personal life, we shall talk about her cooking career.

The cooking career of Zubaida Aapa is a story worth listening. Her cooking career began at the age of 50. It is usually the age when people get retired from their practical lives in our society and this lady began her career at this age. This shows the height of courage and practicality she has in her.

At the beginning when Zubaida got married to Tariq Hussain, who worked in Lever Brother’s company, Zubaida did not know anything about housekeeping and cooking. She says when for the time she cooked food, she did not even know how to prepare curry for the food and she was too shy to ask anyone for it. But with the passage of time, she got better and better on it. When she used to pack lunch for Tariq, her husband, she used to pack not only for Tariq but for his 7 friends as well who liked her cooking. Her friends used to compliment her over her cooking but she was not confident about herself since she did not possess her any degree. But with the passage of time, as written by the sands of time, and as Allah had decided her fate, she gained that courage and worked for a few catering services. Although she was very famous in the Lever Brother’s office for her cooking, she had never set foot in her husband’s workplace. But on the day her husband got retired, that was day she was appointed in the very office and the time her husband got back home permanently from his work, she left home to start her work on a professional base. Since then, starting as a Dalda’s Advisory, she began her career and then got famous for her cooking and home keeping skills and reached this height of fame.

Zubaida Tariq Shows:

  • Starting from her professional career permanently for the Television channels, she has worked with ARY Television for 1.5 years.
  • She did 120 programs with Sajid Hussain as well as 120 programs with Nadia in the morning shows.
  • With Kiran she has done her 450 programs. Meanwhile, Zubaida Aapa came on FM 107 to do a show named Aik Mukammal Ghar which was initially hosted by Azra Manzoor.
  • Meanwhile she was doing the radio shows; she also hosted another program which was named Kitchen Magic. At the very time she came on Geo TV to do the show Aaj k Bhao.
  • Now days, she is working for Masala TV and doing the show Handi and till now she has covered almost 1000 episodes for this show.

A Sneak Peek in Zubaida Aapa’s Diary:

This was something related to her life and her career. Now I will give you a sneak peek in Zubaida’s personal diary and will tell you about her preferences like and dislikes. So whenever you get the chance to host Zubaida Aapa in your home and you have to prepare something for her, you would surely be able to do something of her liking.

This lady is very simple in her way of living and liking. She is very traditional and easy going about her life.

  • Her favorite meal that she would want to have even at your home would be Keema with Rice, Chutni Papadi and Daal.
  • The flowers she has in her garden and wants to see everywhere she moves are Jasmine, Ratt ki Raani and Motiya.
  • According to her, the most memorable moment of her that made her feel the real happiness of it and made the world a sheer bliss was the time when she became a mother.
  • The total account of her trips includes twice a visit to London, thrice to India; two times she went to Dubai and twice to Egypt.
  • Sometimes, your greatest strength becomes your greatest weakness. The weakness that haunts Zubaida Aapa is also her greatest strength and that is her ability to trust people and be very affectionate to them. She believes in people real quick and treats everyone really nicely.
  • The colors she prefers are black and Off-white which shows the genuine maturity of her taste and elegance.

Zubaida Apa’s Health:

Zubaida Aapa once published a day to day memoir of Parkinson’s disease because she herself was diagnosed with this disease. This disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. This problem occurs to most of the people who are aged and old. It happens especially to those who cross 50 years of age.

May Allah grant her with strength and health to live through the life with health and happiness and so that she can keep up the good work she is doing for the society.

So, dear readers if you want to make something good out of yourself then you should follow what she tells you to do. It is especially important for girls because this lady acts as an inspiration for them. Mostly in our society, girls have started focusing on their practical lives so much that they cannot keep u with their home keeping life; they do not know how to maintain their home or to cook properly. The key is to stay focused and believe in yourself. You can always make the best out of you. It is a great strength that Allah has provided to women that they can deal with both the practical life and the domestic life as well. They are best at management and taking pressure because this is what they have to do throughout their lives. If you think that you do not know how to cook and you take it as a serious problem for you that cannot be solved, you are suggested to not lode hope because if a woman wants, she can do everything that she wants to. You can look at Zubaida Aapa and the way she started her professional career. It is only through the process of learning with confidence that you can achieve laurels. It is never too late to start learning and have a practical life. All you have to do is muster up your courage and start doing the thing. You can always catch up with Zubaida Aapa and take help from her website where you will find all the tips and totkas that you need to know about home keeping and cooking. If you have got any queries you can talk to her in one of her shows or you can also contact her through her website. All that you have to do is to take the first step then you would be able to solve all your problems.


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