Zubaida Tariq Beauty Tips | Beauty Tips in Urdu


Zubaida Tariq holds a very significant and famous name in providing healthy and beautiful tips for skin care. She is the most perfect lady for having easy, simple and authentic tips related to anything regarding your skin care. She never let you down and provides the answer and easy solution of your problem. She appears on live TV shows and radio shows to provide listeners with her experience regarding various problems related to their routine life.

However related to skin care she gives so easy tips and suggestions that people easily get rid of their problem. She is appreciated a lot for her services worldwide.

Her tips hold a very important place in our society because they are never expensive or have side effects. She gives tips for getting beautiful face, hair, nails and in fact beautiful body.

  • If you have poor hair or dry hairs then Zubaida Tariq suggest using yogurt and oil paste for your hair. Apply this mixture for half an hour on your head before having a bath. This mixture will remove dryness from your hair and leave your hair healthy and shiny after regular use. For others hair problem like dandruff, split ends etc she suggests to use the mixture of egg, yogurt and olive oil for an hour after two or three days. Wash hair with a good shampoo after applying this mixture. Surprisingly all dandruff will vanish making your hair beautiful and strong.
  • If you have severe pain in teeth or your teeth are getting ugly by plaque then Zubaida presents an easy solution for this problem. She tells to use coriander mixture for this problem and your pain will vanish is seconds leaving glowing teeth.
  • For removing acne problem she has presented many solutions that are inexpensive, simple and homemade which anyone can use for good results. She asks for applying tomato paste and curd on face for removing oil from skin that cause pimples to appear on face.
  • Powder milk is also suggested by her to clean skin properly. It is very good thing of her that she never asks to use readymade or branded products that are expensive. Instead she always tells those products that are available at home always.
  • For weak and small nails she suggests to apply the extract of olive oil and table salt on nails regularly. This will not only make nails strong but also make them long and shiny.

Zubaida Tariq Beauty Tips are given Below in Urdu Language.


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