Wuzu Ka Tareeqa in Urdu | How to Perform Wudu


There are four essential of ablution in Islam and there are the following.
Wash your face completely from forehead to the chin and from one ear to the other. Make sure that no portion of these parts is left dried. Wash your hands to the elbows. Ablution will not be completed if any part of the arm till elbows is left dried. Wipe your head with your hands wet and wipe them also on ears and neck. Completely wash your feet till ankles.

But there are some practices which were practiced by the Holy prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) and those are the following.
• The first thing is the intention. You should make your mind up that you are going to commence ablution.
• After that you should recite “Bissmillah.”
• Wash out your hands for three times.
• Clean your mouth from inside (oral cavity)
• Wash your face
• Thoroughly clean your nose from inside
• Wipe out the head for once with wet hands
• Wash your feet (right one first)
There are also some practices which are prohibited in Islam. Following are some of those prohibited practices.
• You should not be sitting on a dirty place for ablution.
• You should not be splashing water on your face.
• You should not waste water while doing ablution.
• You should not wash your face with one hand.
• You should not spit while facing towards the Kiblah.
• You should not also use such a less quantity of water with that essentials of ablution are not satisfied.
There are some other things which are also described by various scholars regarding ablution. Some of these are the following.
• You should not stop the running water through the body. This means that if you have washed the arms and water is flowing towards the elbows then you should not stop it with hands.
• You should wipe the body parts with wet hands before ablution so that water could run easily. This will save the water.
Every Muslim should try to follow these guidelines regarding the methods of ablution as described in Islam, practiced by Holy Prophet and then further described by various Islamic scholars. Following these guidelines is mandatory for every Muslim. This keep our bodies clean both physically and religiously. Ablution is also helpful in maintaining a healthy life according to latest scientific researches.


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