Workout Routine For Bodybuilding In Urdu


Every exerciser must keep some basics in the mind before starting the exercise. He should keep his head straight and consistently keep on doing the exercise with devotion. Some people perceive themselves to be fat or others perceive themselves to be weak. Both of them share a common perception that exercise is beyond their domains of possibilities. For those we have something to tell them. Each and every phenomenon of the world needs consistency and devotion. Here we are presenting to you some easy exercises to get yourself started. Gradually you will find yourself quite comfortable with all these exercises and it will become a routine in your daily lives.

Warm up: Warming yourself up with lightest of physical activity is very necessary before launching your body in severe physical exercise. This can result in the tissue or ligament rupturing. Other evils of this activity are also there.

Stretching: Stretching is another important preliminary activity before the heavy exercise. In stretching, you gradually stretch your muscles to a position where they can bear the hardships of exercise.

Name of the Muscles:

Pectoral Muscles: These can be attributed as the muscles of the chest. They form the major portion of the chest muscles in the males and in females they are under the breast muscles.

Deltoids muscles: They are round shaped muscles which form the rounded corners of the shoulders.

Abdominal muscles: These are the muscles in abdominal region.

Quadriceps muscles: These are the muscles of the legs in front of the thighs.

Hamstrings muscles: These are the muscles at the back of the legs.

Buttocks: These are the muscles comprising your hips (GLUTEUS MAYIMUS).
These were some of the important muscles in human body in context of exercises.

Stretching Exercises:

Standing Torso Bend: In this exercise, you raise your hands in the air and stretch the upper portion of the body sideways on both sides.

Forward bending: In this exercise, you bend your body in forward direction and try to touch your feet and without bending your legs.

V Stretch: In this exercise, you stretch your legs horizontally in opposite directions to give them more flexibility.
Groin Stretch: Sit down on the floor and stretch your knees and legs than push your knees downward with the help of your arms while holding your hands.

Back Roll: Lie down on the floor and try to lift your knees up to your chest with the help of your hands.
We hope that this information will be beneficial for you.


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