Women History | Women in Islam Comparative to Today’s Women


he Persian word “Aurat” means “Haya” while in Arabic it means part of the body that should be covered. A woman is a precious gift of God and a symbol of love and respect. As a daughter, she sacrifices herself to protect the dignity of her parents. As a sister, she gives her share of the property to her brother happily.

As a wife, she makes her husband king of her heart. As a mother, she can sacrifice her body and soul for her children. Our purpose of this article “Women in Islam Comparative to Today’s Women” is to analyze the basic role of women and to understand the changes they have adopted. You will get a very good comparison of women of the modern time and the ancient times. You will also get your all misconceptions clear about the rights of a woman in Islam.
Status of the women in Islam:
Prior to the Islam, woman was considered as an inferior creature of the world. Women were used for sale and purchase. She did not have share in the property and no importance was given to the consent of the woman. Islam is the only religion that first time defined the rights that a woman should have. Islam gives a women honor, respect, basic rights and pride. Islam gives a woman the right to choose her life partner and also permits her to earn to stabilize her life. Islam also gives right to take part in decision making. Islam prohibits from some particular things but we cannot say that Muslim woman is deprived of her rights. 1400 years ago Islam gave women the right to have a share in property while in United Kingdome the first women property act was passed in 1882. From this example you can easily feel the difference between the foresightedness of Islam and so called modern society.
Modern women lost her dignity and respect. She started to work as top officials in many fields and neglects her husband and children. She has ruined her identity and adopted the modern fashions to become the central point of attraction in universities, colleges and markets. In modern and so called liberal society if a woman wears western dresses and adopts vulgar fashions then she is called a woman of modern era otherwise she is called backward and conservative. Liberalization is another name of vulgarity and obscenity. Only Islam gives protection and respect to the women.


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