Why Shouldn’t You Go For Another Job?


Changing job is a very important decision to take. When you are thinking of changing your job, you should look at many different aspects that are important of consideration because if you do not consider them you can end up damaging your career and economical life. Now is the time of great depression and inflation and in this day and age you should take care of your job and financial situation because if you lose a job just because you were not feeling good about it can cause a great damage and put you in stress.

The ten reasons that can stand as a heavy wall for you to not change job and stay in that job are as under:

  1. If you think that your job is too hard and that is the reason that you want to leave your job than you should not forget that you should keep it in mind that nothing is easy in this world. You will have to make efforts to get anything good in this world, so do not leave just because it is difficult. Make yourself more efficient.
  2. If you think that your job is boring than you need to focus on the most creative and attracting skills of your job. You cannot enjoy entertainment in your job because it is not a game. Take out some time for yourself and spend it with people you like to hang around.
  3. If you cannot get along with the people who are at work with you and so you find it easier to lose the job than do not waste it and try to make good terms with them. Stay in your own frame of stance but say Hello to those who treat you good.
  4. If you want to change it because you are not getting good money than you will keep on hopping from one job to another for that. Money cannot ever fulfill the right desire of it in you. Changing jobs will make you a rolling stone only.
  5. The good reason for you to stay in the job is that it gains you seniority and hence respect in the company where you work. You will always be a freshmen and a junior in the changing departments of new jobs.
  6. The affiliation with the company will gain you a good repute and connection with the company which will earn you many benefits. So you have to stick to the place.
  7. You should not change the job because it is not necessary that the other job that you will find would be as much welcoming and feasible for you. You are taking a chance which can be harmful.
  8. The time period that you have spent here must have gained you some benefits. Changing it means losing those benefits. Do not risk losing them.
  9. The other reason for which you should not change the job is the time you are spending at your current job and the risk that you are taking if you have not already been hired on any other place.
  10. Your connections have become stronger with your boss and other influential people. It can lead you to find a peaceful environment and work relaxation which you will not get in the new job at least for a long time.


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