Why Medical Jobs are in Demand?


You must have seen people around you going crazy after having a medical career. Let’s just dig a bit deep and see in what many ways we encounter such people:

  1. You see a student trying to get through the medical entrance exams because they want to become doctor. When you ask them they tell you that this field has a promising career. Some of them tell you that this way they will not only get a job but also finds a way to serve humanity. OKAY!
  2. The next situation is of the parents. They want to secure their children’s career and lives. They want them to prosper and find a way to live an elite life. GOOD! But there is another form of parents as well; those who are seeking families to get their children married. They look for girls who are doctors because they know they earn well and they a repute in the society, same goes for those who seek a good husband for their daughter, they also want doctors.

The question that I am about to pose at you is very thought provoking. If all of us get to become the doctors, who would be free enough to become a patient then? LOL!

The medical jobs are on the rise in our society, and for that reason people are serving from other kinds of diseases, and those diseases include status consciousness, psychological dilemmas, career conflicts and depression.

Parents do not see what their children want. They do not focus on their needs and their talents. Everyone in our country is just haphazardly following the blind route of medical career without even stopping for a while and thinking what is it that they really need to do. Money has become an important factor for life and the simple living is not considered sufficient by the people. They put stress on their children to make it through.

Those who are girls, they are forced by the society t choose the job that makes them high and reputable enough so their parents in law accept them for their sons. Those who are not in good jobs do not find good and reasonable families for marriage. That is why parents of the girls prefer to make them doctors so they will find a good family for matrimony.

It is a time for us to stop and think and to respect humanity and life. We need to let go of our status typical mentality. We need to embrace the change and respect diversity. Yes, medical job is a noble profession but that does not have to be the only profession available to be picked. Parents should give a loose style and openness to their standards and see the qualities without setting the frame of limitations.

The result of the rise in the medical jobs and still the demand of it is the increasing merit requirements for the medical studies and increase in the unemployment. This unemployment is leading towards the increase in the poverty of the country.


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