Why is the stethoscope so important

Today, the world of advanced medical technology make treatment easy and comfortable for both doctors and patients. However, the doctors and nurses still need a good quality stethoscope for checking. Do they really need a stethoscope in today’s world? Or, the stethoscope is just for show as there are many modern types of equipment for treatment.
There are still many important aspects of using a stethoscope. Every doctor and nurse need to use a stethoscope for a better understanding of your body. The importance of the stethoscope are described below:

Measuring Blood Pressure

The most common use of a stethoscope is to measure your blood pressure. Although it is a bit difficult to use it for measuring blood pressure, doctor prefers to use it. It was the best way to measuring blood pressure. However, new equipment can also be used for blood pressure checkup.

The stethoscope helps to show how much diastolic BP drops. In general, it can be 4-10 mm Hg higher after the sound disappears. The medical students are taught to measure blood pressure using a stethoscope properly.

Assessing Lung Sounds

A stethoscope is also important to assess the sound of lungs. It will help to understand the rhythm and quality of breathing. Moreover, it will help to identify the rate of breathing. It gives an accurate idea whether there is any obstacle in airways and inflammation of the pleura.

It is important to use the stethoscope from clavicle. Otherwise, you may not get accurate sound from the lugs. In order to get accurate sound and observation, you need to put the stethoscope on the same level and position for both left and right side. Otherwise, the sound will be different and create difficulty to identify problems.

Assessing Heart Sound

Still, the stethoscope is a good tool to hear the heartbeat rate, type, and rhythm. There are many other tools that can help you identify the heart rate and sounds. However, a stethoscope can give you an accurate result. You can easily get good sound and identify whether there is a problem or not. however, you need to hear the sound for few moments. The heart sound always remains same for the first time.

Measuring the Span of the Liver

A stethoscope can be the best tool to measure the liver span. It will help to get a dull sound. You need to put stethoscope under the right nipple. Keep the belt line with the nipple. Tell the patient to stretch the skin up toward the chest. Then, you will hear sound from dull to dullest. The area sounds the dullest is the starting point and dull sounds are the ending point.

Detecting Bruits

It is an abnormal sound of blood through an artery. The sound refers to a problem in human body’s artery. If the artery becomes narrow, the blood can sound like bruits (Broo-eeee). It is important to observe the sound properly to know the condition. It creates a turbulent flow of flood.

The same problem can cause in the neck, kidneys, temporal arteries and femoral. Depending on the situation, a stethoscope can help to identify the sound.


Using the stethoscope is important for a doctor and nurse. Although there are many modern tools, you can’t neglect the importance of stethoscope. It will help to know the actual body condition depending on the sound it generates.

Moreover, the doctors need to give full attention to observe the sounds. Overall, the stethoscope can give a quick overview of a patient’s body and allow to take quick decision. So, there is no way to use any other tool instead of using a stethoscope.

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