Why English is Important in Pakistan?


In Pakistan the one of the most major conflicts is a simple question that why English is important in Pakistan? Here is the answer to this simple question which is expected to satisfy all who have this confusion. English is a foreign language and it has been considered as the international language. Basically in Pakistan there are four languages according to the geographic distribution of Pakistan, Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi and Pashto while the national language of Pakistan is Urdu and English is the official language. Many other tribal and regional languages are also spoken which includes Saraiki, Kashmiri, Bagri, Gujrati etc. But in order to penetrate at international level Pakistan need to create greater how know with the international language. Importance of English is negligible because being an international language it is spoken and understood in all regions of world.

More over the media has also adapted English as their language and there is a day by day increment in the English speakers and listeners. Up till 1985 english was only limited to the most expensie private schools of Pakistan. Later on it got its fame in larger cities and in many Government schools regular classes were started from the sixth standard. A few years back it was just an optional subject but in last few years it has been a compulsory subject for all educational systems in Pakistan. This decision was made on the basis for increasing competition at international level and to be a part of this competition has the need to learn this international language. More over the constitution of Pakistan is also written in English language. Similarly at national and international level organizations English is considered as the language of communication, these organizations include banks, educational institutes, information technology, science, trade, and almost all organizations. In Pakistan there is a strong need for development of English learning and training centers at every level so that we could compete in international markets. And for this purpose we need to have proper skills and expertise in English language.


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