Why Do We Fall in Love ?


Love is the most beautiful and purest feeling of the world. Most people get so blind in the love that they don’t even care about their life. We have witnessed so many real life stories in which love birds have died for each other. Here we will discuss the facts which make people fall in love.

There are a number of reasons for people falling in love. People tend to fall in the love with the person who they like most. There are right and wrong reasons for falling in love. People also fall in love because they feel lonely or lack of confidence. But people also fall in love because they cannot help it they just fall in love and can’t stop loving that person. They want to offer someone with something good they have. They want to make them happy yet not being possessive. They want to be with the person they love yet not depending on them but to share their life with them. They want to love that person loads and don’t expect them to love them back the same way but want to be feel loved by them. They want to be with the person they love not merely because they are lonely and seeking company but to just making them feel loved and make them happy and they get overjoyed when that person smiles because of them. They love them blindly but on the other hand they also keep their eyes open and have a very good idea of what good or bad things are happening. They ignore the bad things because they love them and are scared to lose them. Such people fall in love because they like to be treated nicely and always try to maintain a loving environment with the person they love by ignoring their bad habits.

Most of the people fall in love because they have heard that love is the wonderful thing and they like the idea of it. Such people tend to forget that in order to be loved they also need to be love. They also need to show love and care for the person they love if they want to be loved. Such people fall in love with the person of the opposite sex who is most nice to them. They don’t try to know the person but just indulge relationship with them. Later when that person shows the sign of hurting them they just ignore it because they are more concerned to be in a relationship than to be in a relationship with a person who really loves and care about them.
People also fall in the love with the person whose beauty impresses them. They are more concerned about their body shapes than the nature of the person. Such people love to satisfy their sexual needs. Once they have slept with them they slowly realize that love has evaporated away and they don’t love that person anymore. This is one of the worst reasons of falling in love.
Whatever the causes of love are but the best and most unique love is with God. If a person falls in love with God then he doesn’t need to find love anywhere else because the love of God is all he needs.


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