Why did Hitler hate Jews


The hatred of Adolf Hitler against the Jews is quite notorious. According to research and study on the history of this holocaust, researchers came to know that Adolf Hitler has incinerated about 6 million Jews in his lifetime which is about two-third of total Jews at that time. He considered all Jews as non- humans.  Wonder that which thing produced so much hate in the heart of Hitler for the Jews. There are many explanations and factors that might have been the cause of antisemitism in the thinking of Adolf Hitler.

Hitler’s Duration in Vienna

Adolf Hitler spends the part of his youth age in Vienna and in Vienna, the prejudice and hatred for Jews were very prevailing and pervasive. This can be a very great aspect of influencing the ideology of Adolf Hitler. But this factor is not considered as a very authentic aspect of changing the thinking of Hitler.

Jewish Roots

It was widely considered the roots of Adolf Hitler comes from Jews and many historians also proved it by mentioning his illegitimate father as a son of jew father. At that time in most parts of Europe Jewswee considered as germs and deviation of Christian faith. This maybe a horrible truth for Hitler and these rumors at that time filled his heart with hatred for Jews. Hitler feels this as a humiliation and prejudiced for every jew in Germany.

Religious Dispute

Jews were the victims of discrimination in all Europe before  Hitler came due to religious conflict. Most of the Christians take them as a digression of their true religion according to them and treat them harshly. Most of the Jews were also forced to change their religion and baptized to Christianity. This discrimination was present in almost all of Europe at that time. Christianity was the leading faith in Germany at that time. As most of the people consider that Adolf Hitler was a Christian and due to his ambiguous descent, he despises Jews. This aspect is also considered as one of the strong factors which produce hostility in the heart of Adolf Hitler for the Jewish community.

Jews Considered as Culprits

When Germany had been defeated in World War 1 they blamed Jews as the reason for their defeat. At that time all the Germans believed that Germany was not defeated in war, but they are stabbed in the back by the Jews of Germany who were the economic power and control nearly all the bank plus other financial institutions in Germany. Germany had to pay the compensation to his allies after defeat plus there was a huge economic instability occurred in Germany at that time.Jews were held responsible and proclaimed as the culprit for the destruction and economic downfall of Germany. Other democrats and communists were also founded to be responsible for that crisis in Germany but only Jews are treated as scapegoats. Basically, It was considered that Adolf Hitler was stabbed in back by Jews. That can also be a rigid factor of why Adolf Hitler despise Jews.


Later, when the German government researched whether the Jews were the culprits of German in World War 1 or not? They came to know that Jews were not responsible for German defeat as they take part equally as other Germans for in fighting for their country.

Racisms between Germans and others 

Adolf Hitler and other Germans which are mostly Nazis considered Germans as superior to all the other races in the world. Especially Jews were germs in eyes of them. They considered and treat Jews as non-humans. It is widely known that Hitler considered it right as wiping of Jews from the entire world. As the Germans were considered superior to other Nazis and Adolf Hitler believed that Germany should be kept pure by removing all the Jews and some other races as well which were impurities in their eyes. According to them in that way, they can prosper much easier.


Some people consider that the Jewish physician who cared for the Klara Hitler, mother of Adolf Hitler as the culprit of Hitler hate for Jews. He cannot save her life and she died under his care. This lead to the ruthless hatred of Adolf Hitler towards Jews. But it is not true. Klara Hitler was diagnosed with breast cancer which was incurable at that time, but Hitler constantly insists Dr. Eduard Bloch who was the Jewish physician to treat her. Thy physician only manages to minimize the pain of her mother in last days. Hitler also wrote a gratitude letter to that physician. He also helped him to immigrate to the United States without bearing any oppression of Germans on Jews.


After Adolf Hitler was approved to be the chancellor of German-occupied Europe, he starts to squeeze the circle of Jews from society. At the start the all the Jewish business were boycotted and after that, the Jews were segregated in the society. They are not allowed to live freely like all others in German society. They are not allowed in many restaurants, they are not allowed in other daily life business shops and they are also not allowed to do any political activities. As the oppression of Hitler and the Germans Nazis increases. In concentration camps killing of Jews were carried out both by mass shooting and extermination through labor.Adolf Hitler incinerated 6 million Jews in his period as a chancellor of German-occupied Europe.


It is quite clear that Adolf Hitler did not despise Jews from the start. All the atmosphere in which he lived was against Jews. He lived in Europe and at that time in Europe the majority were Christians and Jews were despised by most of the Christians. After the defeat in World War 1 according to him and Nazis Jews stabbed his back and was the real cause of defeat. All these factors might be the cause of such ruthless hatred of Adolf Hitler for Jews.


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