Why Boys Fail in College ?


“Why boys fail in college?” is a question that has been occupying the minds of several teachers, parents, writers and even psychologists, for quite some time now. Every person looks up for an answer to this question in a state of mind and circumstances that are particular to him only. On a more general level, we have come up with a satisfactory answer to this much asked question.

First of all, it is unfair to judge all boys on one criterion. They all come from different backgrounds, different mindsets, different aims and different intentions. To some boys, college is a place of mere enjoyment and to some it is a place to polish their capabilities and prepare for future. Hence, the state of mind in which they start college matters a lot. Though, in this article we are only going to discuss the reasons behind their failure, regarding their college life and activities.

One of the prime reasons behind boys failing in college is the sudden change of environment. In college everything is very different from school, from the way of teaching to the course curriculum. Most of the boys think that they will float through college as smoothly as they did through school and this over-confidence becomes one of the main reasons behind their failure.

Another reason behind failure of boys in college is the mistaken ambition for the boy on the part of his parents. A boy with an aptitude for arts is sure to fail for the engineering subjects that his parents have opted for him. Parents feel that the boy will develop interest for the particular subject overtime but in most cases, they just end up losing interest not only from the particular subject, but also from college.

There are certain students who are always more inclined towards extra-curricular activities in college. They spend more time in these activities and often make part of different parties/groups in order to gain popularity, whereas in college, studies require considerably more concentration and time. Such students cannot give proper time to studies and ultimately fail.

Apart of these reasons, there are students who face financial problems. Because of the financial pressure, they find it really hard to meet their college expenditures. Some of them give up and others decide to earn but the sad thing is that either way, they fail. Even if they work, their attention and time is diverted and the result is the same.

Another reason that is significant behind boys’ failure is college is the health issues which often occur when they are living away from home i.e. in hostel.

Boys fail in college because of lack of interest, personality issues and certain circumstantial conditions. The cases of failures, however, can be minimized if proper counseling is provided.


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