Almost every individual in a society is inclined towards fashion and cannot survive without adopting it. This age of fashion has affected youngsters the most, which adopts almost all fashion without keeping in mind their own unique personality. The same thing happens with women. Fashion must always be followed by keeping in mind your face and personality. Similarly, it is necessary for hairstyles to be in accordance with the facial shape of a person. Following are some tips for to help you style your hair according to the suitability of your face.
Basically hair cutting is of two types: one is club cutting and the other is graduated cutting. In club cutting all the hair are cut in the same length, making slight changes in certain places when required. On the other hand, graduated cutting involves cutting hair in different length, while decreasing the length gradually as coming from top to the bottom. Even though different, both these styles of haircutting can be applied on the same head of hair at once. However, length of hair and facial structure must be given importance when going for such a haircut. If your hair are longer than this haircut will look better on you.
This multiple type of cutting only lasts for a certain time period; as hair starts to grow out, this style gets disrupted, hence requiring a hair cut again.
Amongst women, the round hair cut shape is rather popular. In this style of hair cut, hair from the center and sides of the head are brought to the front of the face, in a manner that hair flows till the jaw bone. This type of hair cut is more suited for people with round faces. Often, boys get this type of hair cut also, since they also like a haircut like this in long hair on round faces. But notice must be taken of the fact that if hair isn’t long enough then a round shaped hair cut shouldn’t be applied; since it does not look good on short hair.
A U shaped haircut is an old style and has been popular in all eras, since this haircut suits all types of faces. For this hair cut a parting is neccesary; this means cutting is done in different parts. In the first part cutting is done in a round shape; then gradually towards the face and neck a U shape is given. After cutting, women can either get their hair finger dried or blow dried to set their hair in a proper U shape.
Boy cut is also pretty popular amongst girls; studenst of college and universities really like their hair cut. In this hair cut all the hair are taken at the bak and then cut step by step, and like boys, hair is made shorter from the front of the forehead. This technique of hair cutting is also pretty old. However, for boys this style has been modified nowadays. In boys, all the hair are cut of the same length, leaving longer hair on ears; this is also called the layer cut. In this hair cut style hair are kept long, as well as short, but hair are still cut in a layer/step form. This hair cut also suits almost all face shapes.
Some girls and boys also like the baby cut as it makes your face and personality look innocent. For this hair cut a requirement is silky, light hair; it also doesn’t look good on long hair. In little girls, all the hair are brought to the fornt and trimmed at the length of the forehead; on the other hand for older women, partings are done and bangs are cut towards the front of the forehead. After this hair are styled using a light blow dry.

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