What to Study After Matric?


As soon as students get free from Matric examination, they become very conscious about their coming education years. Sometimes, they get too worried. The major reason for their worries is the decision they have to make that “What profession they should adopt for their future?” Alternatively, which subjects they should study after their Matric. In most cases, due to lack of knowledge and guidance from parents and teachers, students by following trends or by accepting their parents will, choose Medical or Engineering subjects. As a result they do not take more interest and finally get low grades or unable to qualify for the admission in the quality institutes in Pakistan. Therefore they develop a thinking that they are not able to study and thus get themselves busy in other activities. Because fulfilling others expectation is very hard for humans. Actually in Pakistan, parents are too concerned about their children. Parents are more worried about marks and grades than students themselves. So all burden falls on students shoulders.

This whole process can never turn to be working. This will lead an unwanted stress in the mind of students and their parents. Student by having less interest consistently struggles to take good grades and after being unsuccessful, he feels himself responsible and becomes desperate in life. However if student in any way gets success, he cannot maintain the balance in life and as a result not only becomes stressed in life but also transfer this stress into the next generation. This process indicates an unproductive society. On the other hand the correct process should be initiated by students themselves. They should first carefully think that in which subjects they take more interest to study in future. The decision must be taken by student however, parents must explain the pros and cons of student’s decision. But ultimate decision should be left on students so that they can develop self confidence in life. Student should also research and discuss with teachers and other followers before making decision about what is suitable for them. Beside this, students should visit other institutions and get essential knowledge on which subjects are mostly studied in colleges. But with this, they should also work on their keen areas of study.

For example if you like to study Arts or Culture then you will be very hard at Chemistry and Math. Alternatively, if you are passionate about Research and Experiments then you will find Accounting and Economics difficult. Moreover, if you do not like Math then you cannot become an engineer. Same way, you should have interest in Biology to become a doctor. Before going for admission first make sure you have interest in the course. In Pakistan, parents without knowing the interest and likeness of students, apply for admission in subjects in which students are uncomfortable. Such parents should work on the easiness of study for students so that they can lead for a better future. It is better if parents leave the decision on students that what they like to become in future. For this students should also carefully think and make a good plan such as:

  • First, analyze yourself that what you like to be in future. And in which subjects you take more interest. Make a list of all subjects of your interest.
  • After making the list separate those subjects that you think are very easy to study.
  • Now you can apply for admission. After your admission, stop thinking about your future and increase interest and skills in your chosen subjects. For example if you have chosen Journalism then make a habit of listening News Bulletin, write dialogues and columns so that practicing make your skills better. You cannot become a master by only relying on books but it does not mean you should leave reading books. Books reading is must, do not ignore your subject and courses in which you have taken admission. Besides reading your own books, also try to take knowhow on your chosen subjects from other resources.
  • When deciding about your future, first keep in mind the positive and negative factors of your chosen field and subjects. You must know the importance of your profession and subjects.
  • You should set a target after you take admission in your chosen subjects. For example if you have chosen medical subjects then you should set a target of taking admission in medical college after Intermediate. Because your have to pass the examination with excellent grades for going to attend medical college. Therefore setting a target is must. However this factor is mostly ignored and students suffered in examination by low grades and so they have to change their subjects in Graduation.

In the list below, we have explained all those subjects in which you can take admission after Matric. These subjects are taught in almost all government and private institutions of Pakistan:

Science Courses for Intermediate Studies:

Chemistry, Biology, Physics

Chemistry, Math, Physics


Arts Subjects for Intermediate Studies:

Economics, Accounting, Math, Statistics, Banking, Computer

ICS (Statistics)
Statistics, Math, Computer

General Science
Statistics, Math, Economics

To take admission in Humanities, you have to choose one optional subject from each group below:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Statistics Mathematics Economics
Geography Philosophy Physiology
English Literature Civics Islamic History
  Islamic Studies World History
  Fine Arts Music
    Physical Education

Advance Urdu
Besides these courses, there are many diploma courses offered in most of colleges in Pakistan. The total time period of these diplomas is 2 to 4 years. Following is list of diploma courses in which you can apply for admission. You will be eligible for job after completing diploma.

  • Construction Assistantship
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical and Communication Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Fashion Designing
  • Garments Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Interior Designing and Decoration
  • Leather Technology
  • Library and Information Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Plastic Technology
  • Textile Designing

You can choose any subject from the list. However, you should know that knowledge gaining is essential for everyone. Without knowledge, a person is like a land of waste where forest grows only. And that is only for the use animals. Whereas a well educated person is like a green field which grant life to whole world.


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