What to Eat to Control Diabetes in Urdu


What to eat to control diabetes is a critical question and to answer that we explain some information here for your awareness. Diabetes is a fatal disease, in which patient’s glucose level increases due to the failure of pancreas that produces a hormone called insulin. Actually, insulin regulates the glucose level of the blood that is why its deficiency leads to high sugar level.

Diabetes attacks on the immune system and make it weaker that causes many other diseases as well. But the diabetic patient can control its blood sugar level by proper medication and healthy diet.

Healthy Diet to Control Diabetes

  • Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the three main components of our daily diet which provide energy (calories) to our body. So that, all of the body organs function properly.
  • A diabetic patient has to take care of its diet to control the sugar level in its body. Along with the insulin therapy you need to draw out the diet plan and for that follow our suggestions.
  • A diabetic patient should eat the food cooked with cholesterol-free oil to avoid harmful fats of the regular cooking oil.
  • Balanced diet is very important for a diabetic patient, so you should eat some light foods like bread 4 to 5 times a day.
  • Your daily food items should provide you at least 50 – 60 % carbohydrates so that the glucose level could be controlled in healthy limits.
  • 30 % of your diet should consist of the fats and proteins but you should consult your the doctor first about the proper percentage for you.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial for diabetes patients because these are the vital source of gaining energy and vitamins. Another tip for you is that you should eat your food with proper gaps because due to the diabetes your muscles become weak and can’t digest heavy food easily. It can also lowers down your blood pressure.
  • Fat patients should eat bread, rice and fishes but should completely avoid the sweets, soft drinks and bakery items.
  • It is difficult to decide for some diabetes patients that which fruit and vegetable should be chosen. To control sugar level, best suitable vegetables are spinach, cucumber, garlic, lemon and tomato. Some of the healthy fruits for diabetic patients are apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries etc.
  • Diabetic patient should strictly avoid smoking and alcohol because they are extremely injurious to health of such patients.
  • Visit your doctor regularly for a routine checkup.


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