What Is Yoga


Yoga is a form of exercise, originated from the Hindu religion. It means ‘union’. According to Hinduism, it is a mental, physical and spiritual practice. The word ‘yoga’ refers to the orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy. It is 5000 years old practice. It is done for the physical and mental peace. You can read all info from Health Tips in Urdu section that provides you other many information’s about your Health.

Benefits of yoga
Health is closely related to yoga.

  • It helps to improve physical and mental health like to reduce stress.
  • Yoga with other exercises helps to protect from viruses. It is also a helpful activity for kids,as it reduces workload of study. With the help of Yoga, you can solve your problems.
  • Growing old is also a problem. So, stay fit and healthy by doing Yoga.
  • Yoga and Pilates are becoming popular with the passage of time. These are mind-body exercises.
  • Yoga with proper diet can help to improve your health and make our Musculoskeletal System strong.
  • Yoga provides a holistic approach by providing a complete health care program.
  • Circulatory system is important to everyone’s health. Practice of Yoga helps to reduce risks of circulatory problems.
  • Yoga and proper diet is a good care of the endocrine system and reduce stress.
  • Yoga is also beneficial to your digestive system. It increases the energy level.
  • It makes your mood pleasant
  • Yoga Therapy is a combination of Yoga and Western Medical Science. That is very helpful.
  • Yoga Exercises can help sports men in preventing injuries and improving their strength.
  • Yoga is really a helpful tool for those who are having learning disabilities. By doing Yoga, they can feel centered.
  • Sleeplessness is a serious problem that can affect the mental health of one person.

Yoga practice is beneficial practice. But make sure that you do not push yourself beyond your limits. It is good to know about the parts of body that are more prone to injuries. It can be dangerous if it is not done properly and it is not the sole treatment to all health problems.


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