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Twitter is a social networking web site that is providing many services like messaging service to users and blogging service to the bloggers. It is providing the facility to write a message of 140 words and to connect to your friends. This type of message is also called as internet SMS. Registered users can read and write the text to share, while unregistered users can only read the text. Twitter Inc is operating from New York. It is 3rd largest web site of the world.

Twitter was basically a try to form a network through which one can send or receive the message. The founder of the twitter is Dorsey who is now chief executive of twitter. Initially the name of twitter was a code, which was “10958”. Later on it was changed to “40404”. On 21 March, 2006, Dorsey has sent his first message through twitter and on 15 July, 2006, it was launched publically. First time twitter was used by employees of Odeo. It was a great luck of twitter that it was presented in South by South West Interactive Festival. It is the festival that is held at the start of spring season every year in Austin, USA and Texas. During this festival the number of messages reached to 60,000-70,000 messages daily. This has a great effect on the popularity of twitter and it became very popular. Twitter was awarded with Web Price Award. First message was posted by an astronaut of NASA on 22 January, 2010. After that many other astronauts used this service. Number of messages increase with every passing day as it was 400,000 messages in 2007 and in 2008 it reached to 100 million messages. In 2010, daily 50 million messages were sent through twitter. Now, number of messages is 140 million per day. In 2011 Twitter was made for iPod and iPhone. During September, company has launched new twitter that has new features like video calling. The fly sign of twitter was designed in 2011. The present logo of lady bird of twitter was made by an employee of twitter. One can change privacy settings according to his/her own. You can add or follow other users as well. Twitter was also used for a movement during Iranian elections in 2009 and 2010. You can also find famous personalities and their updates on twitter. Twitter is very beneficial site through which you can be in touch with your friends.


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