What is Cancer | Causes and Symptoms of Cancer


What is Cancer: Cancer is deadly disease found all over the world. It is the most common disease after heart diseases. Cancer is caused by a single cell which multiplies continuously. The abnormal reproduction of cells destroys the cells and tissues around it.

The abnormal growth of cells is caused by changes in the DNA sequence of key genes. There are approximately 200 types of cancer and interestingly every type of cancer has its own symptoms, causes and treatments. The most common cancer found is lung cancer which is mainly caused by smoking. Cancer is the most common disease in the western world in fact one in five die because of cancer. There are two kinds of cancer:

  • Beningn: These are harmless tumors. They occur at one place and don’t spread. They are easily removable by operation and don’t occur again once they are removed.
  • Malignant: This is the tumor which is deadly. They spread continuously once they occur in the human body and are not easily removable by operation.

Causes of Cancer

  • There are many causes of cancer; some of them are listed down.
  • Cancer can also be caused by birth by defect in the genes.
  • Frequent exposure to Air Pollution
  • Other diseases like Hepatitis B and C.
  • Frequent use of hormones can also cause cancer like if women use Estrogens for a long time it can cause cancer.
  • Frequent and over use of alcohol can also cause cancer.
  • Natural radiations such as Ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer.
  • The nicotine in cigarette is regarded as the primary cause of the lung cancer.
  • Overeating can also cause cancer as overeating leads to obesity and obesity is the primary cause of stomach cancer.

Symptoms of Cancer

It is very important to trace the cancer in its initial state because in the later stages it might become impossible to cure. Few symptoms of cancer are listed below.

  • The patient feels a severe pain in the place where a tumor is formed.
  • The part of the body where a tumor is formed gets a little heavy.
  • Loss in weight without any reason.
  • The patient feels lazy and tired without doing any hard work.
  • Fever is another major symptom of cancer.
  • Persistent cough

There are many other symptoms as well as we mentioned above that there are different symptoms for every cancer type, the above mentioned systems are the common symptoms found for all cancer types. If you experience any of the above symptoms then it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor. There are more likely chances that it is not, your doctor will just take your normal tests and will inform you that there is nothing suspicious. But if it turns out to be a cancer there is nothing to worry about as it will be traced on its initial stage and will be easily cured.


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