From our childhood, we all have been loving those Disney princesses with their magical hairstyles and dreaming about having one for ourselves. Somehow we all have wished in our life to have that flawless hair and perfect hairstyles.

The slogan nowadays for all the fashionistas out there is

Hair is a new personality

And of course we all ladies know well how difficult it can be to manage your hair styles according to different occasions.

Managing your hair style according to your personality is not an easy task. It needs your close attention and you really need to be careful while choosing the one for you.

A good hairstyle can add up 100% to your personality image and a single wrong move can ruin your makeover and can end up in transforming you into a witch fairy. Who wants to portray an image like that?

Thinking about those perfect Disney divas, we bet no one of you want to look like that ugly duckling with messy hair on her all over.

So let’s ask you “ what hairstyle suits me best? ” and have a look at this power list to create your better version for the sake of beauty on this planet earth.

What hairstyle suits me according to my face shape?

While choosing among the hairstyles … Be wise!!

Choose according to your face shape

Hairstyles for long face

If you have a long face please don’t make a bun on the top of your head and end up looking like a witch or that clever aunt you met a few days ago at your neighbor’s party.

Layers with side cut are perfect for you. Always cut your hair short that will balance your long face. Hair long than collar bones will drag your face down.

Hairstyle for round face

A round face needs cuts that flatter your chin and face shape. Layered Bobs are best for round shapes. Avoid the same length and cut without layers.

Hairstyle for heart shaped face

Narrow chin and wide forehead are heart shaped faces. You need to draw attention away from your chin so try adding volume to the top section of your hair. Try bangs!!!

Hairstyle for oval face

If your chin and forehead are of same proportion, you have an oval face. Oval face sustains all types of haircuts but for best looks try different braids.

Hairstyle for diamond shaped face

If you have broad cheekbone and narrow chin and forehead, you have a diamond shaped face. You need to focus both on your chin and forehead.

Add bangs or volume to the top of your head and layers to drag attention towards your chin. Layers will also hide your cheekbone.

Ponytail and buns are also for you ladies.

Hairstyle for square shaped face

Wider cheekbone, broader forehead, and wide chin… you are in square shape league.

Cuts with layers that start below from your cheekbone, layers covering your jaw line, angled bobs and bangs are your style. Try curls and ponytail also. A ponytail will highlight your jawline perfectly.

Hairstyle for triangle shaped face

If your facial features consist of broader jaws and narrow forehead then you have a triangular shaped face. You need short haircuts with a lot of volume in your hair to rock your looks. Make loose hairstyles that allow your hair to play around your face.

When you are done with your face shape now it’s time to ask yourself, the second question.

What hairstyle suits me best according to my hair texture?

Hair texture plays an important role in deciding your hair style. Hairstyles for silky hair are different from those who have curly or wavy hair.

If you have thick hair?

Go for the braids. Don’t do short and layered cuts that make you look like a Christmas tree.

If you have round face and thick hair don’t cut your hair short or else imagine a dandelion.

If you have silky hair?

Make ponytails or try shorter cuts above your shoulder. Avoid layering as it may decrease the look of your volume.

If you have wavy hair?

Keeping your face shape in mind you can play with both long and short hairstyles for wavy hairs.

Now after having a fine research in hair textures, it’s time for the third question that you may ask yourself.

What hairstyle suits me according to my features?

Keeping your face shape in your mind play with your hair that highlight certain features on your face. Make your hairstyle your power look. Adopt different hairstyles that cover your flaws or highlight your features to drag attention.

A right hair cut can “adjust” your features making you look prettier and confident than ever.

What hairstyle suits me according to the occasion?

Of course, how can you forget about occasions? They are important when you are choosing a hair style.

Braids are best for summer hangouts and buns with gowns are perfect for dinner parties.

Go for ponytails or leave your hair wild while going for cocktail parties.

Tie your hair on sad occasions and leave them open, curly and wavy for beach hangouts.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article.

Rock yourself
Happy hair!!


  1. plz i m anas sulemani. my face is round and i have little bit curly hair. please tell me which style i should i get.
    if you demand i can send u my picture.
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