What Hairstyle Suits Me ? Find Best Hairstyle


Every individual has a different face shape and structure. This is the reason why people like their hairstyles differently, based on their own facial structure. Since hairstyles are majorly defined through the kind of facial structure a person has, your hairstyle looks best when it has been kept in accordance with your face. Subsequently, this brings about a positive glow in your overall personality and look. Hence it is important to know and consider your facial structure before you choose any hairstyle for yourself.

Hair Styles That are Suitable for Round Face

If you have a round face, then go for a hairstyle that diminishes the roundness of your face. For that, men and women need to make sure that their hair, at the least, reaches the length of their ears. Women can have hair longer than that, of course, and also color or perm them from the front; from the back, however, hair should be kept thick. You should also not tie your hair tightly, as they will make your face look rounder.

Hair Styles that are for Oval Shaped Face

Almost all hairstyles look good on oval faces. However, if you want to keep your hair considerably long then turn your hair upwards from your forehead; that way you will appear more beautiful and eye pleasing. Men can also style their hair similarly on an oval face. Apart from that you can also make a number of different hairstyles. If women brush their hair towards the back they will look more stunning and attractive. For those women who want to keep their hair short, getting a short bob is the best option; not only will it be the best choice but it will also look more beautiful.

If You Have Square Shaped (Broad) Face

Curly hair look best on women whose faces are square shaped. When adopting a curly hairstyle, you should be careful to let hair stay on your forehead in the shape of bangs or fringes so that your face does not look squarer. Most men keep similar hair on square faces which look like a complete disaster. Hence, men should keep slightly long hair on square faces, and should spread their hair on both sides so that their face does not look squarer.

Narrow Forehead Triangular and Long Face

Some people have a narrow forehead and their face appears triangular and long; for such women it is necessary that hair be lift up and backwards from the front, and spread over the shoulders. They can also opt for a multi layer hairstyle and tie a braid or a bun at the back of their head; both these hairstyles will add to your beauty significantly. Men who have long faces look best with curly hair, even though young and adolescent men also look good in long hair.

Broader Fore Head and Heart Shaped Face

If your forehead looks broader, than medium length hair that has been pushed to the back will make your face look heart shaped. A number of beautful hairstyles can be adopted by people who have such faces; for instance, long hair with a reasonable cutting, kept till the neck will look extremely gorgeous. Other than that, you can opt for any hairstyle that suits and enhances your facial shape and structure.


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