What Are The Benefits of Eating Aloe Vera?


The first impression that you might get by looking at Aloe Vera must be enthralling. It is a little plant that looks more like cactus has its beauty and splendor which is unique in itself.

Today, I am going to talk about all these benefits that Aloe Vera brings to you since there is nothing in this world that has been made by Allah without a purpose.

What does Aloe Vera contain?

This plant belongs to the same family to which onions and garlic belong. it serves you benefits from both its external and also its internal applications for us.

Aloe Vera has almost 200 components which are very active and are the essential components for human body. These components include minerals, amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides, enzymes and fatty acids. The gel of the plant contains 99 percent of water.

Now you can imagine why this little plant has got so many attractive advantages for you. Let me brief you about all those benefits that you can get by using this plant at home.

Benefits of Eating Aloe Vera

The High amount of Vitamins and Minerals:

It has Vitamin A, C, & E and also contains folic acid in it. So taking it can be very beneficial. You can also take it when you are pregnant because of the folic acid in it. It comes in the category of those few plants that contain Vitamin B12 in them.

The Benefit of Fatty Acids and Amino Acids in it:

Do you know that the building blocks of your body are amino acids? Our entire body structure is created through amino acids. There are almost 22 amino acids which are necessary for the makeup of body components but among them 8 of them can be considered as the most essential.

Now the amazing thing is that there are about 18 to 20 amino acids which are found in Aloe Vera and among them all the 8 essential amino acids are present in it.

How do you feel about it?


Just imagine that consuming this little plant can make up for almost all the amino acid deficiencies in body.

It will help you in digestion to a great deal:

If you have digestion problem and you cannot find any way out of it, here is a little tip. Just consume aloe Vera and get rid of the matter right away. Aloe Vera is very popular and effective in its way to clear the digestive tract. The digestive tract can be easily soothed and a lining is produced by aloe Vera in your digestive tract that helps constipation not to disturb you. If you have issues of either constipation or diarrhea then you need to take the help of this little plant. It will rid you of everything that troubles you. It is also very effective in helping acid reflux and bowel syndrome.

Aloe Vera Also Acts as a Vermifuge:

Yes, I know this is a new term for you. I will elaborate the meaning of it to you so that you probably understand the utility of it. Sometimes it happens that intestine gets infected with worms which can end up in a lot of troubles. Having worms inside intestine is a dangerous thing. Aloe Vera acting as vermifuge means that it helps in getting rid of all these silently breeding intestinal worms that can harm in any way.

Aloe Vera Detoxification:

Gelatinous plants and food items has this specialty of cleaning the toxins. Same is the case with aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is also gelatinous in nature and that is why it gets attached to all the toxins in the intestinal tract of body and then it is excreted out of the body through the colon. So, if you want to get your body detoxified completely then you should start consuming aloe Vera.

It will Alkalize your Body:

If any disease is exposed to an alkaline environment, it cannot manifest itself. We have a wide range of food items that we consume on the daily base which are acidic in nature. You forget the 80/20 rule. According to the 80/20 rule, we should consume 80 percent of foods that are alkaline in nature and 20 percent of the food items which are acidic in nature but this is not the case with us in this day and age. Today we consume a lot of acidic foods which obviously help the diseases to manifest themselves very easily. If you want to stay away from these matters, then you should take aloe Vera and make it a part of your routine and create an alkaline environment of your internal.

It Maintains Cardiovascular Health:

Yes, aloe Vera can be very healthy for cardiovascular protection. Although it has not been completely proved medically but there are theories that say that if you inject aloe Vera extract into your bloodstream then your oxygen supply in the blood is increased many times. It also casts a positive effect on the diffusion capabilities of the red blood cells.

Your Immune System Needs a boost? Give it with the Use of Aloe Vera:

Yes, if you need to boost your immune system and increase its capability to protect you then you should take aloe Vera. How wonderful it is to think that consuming just a little amount of this gelatinous thing can help in so many ways and can literally make stronger. The immune system becomes strong which means that are protected from a great number of diseases. It gives a feeling like there is some sort of a shield around which is not letting any dangerous disease or threat get near at all.

It is Good for Skin:

Aloe Vera is very good for skin. We can consume it as well as apply it on skin. If you have got pimples or any kind of marks on your skin and you want your complexion to boost up then you need to apply aloe Vera on your skin regularly. Within only a week’s time you will notice that your face is clearer and there are no marks. Moreover, your texture of the skin will get smoother and softer more than ever. So, if you want your skin to glow more than ever, you need to get your hands on aloe Vera as soon as you can.

Reduce Inflammation with Aloe Vera:

Yes, if you are suffering from bodily inflammation then again, there is one remedy to it. Use of aloe Vera is the best way to reduce inflammation. It has 12 important substances in it including B-sitosterol which is very good for the reduction of inflammation.

Aloe Vera is an Adaptogen:

Adaptogen is the thing that can help the body in many ways by boosting its resistance and its ability to ward off illnesses. Aloe Vera is also one of such things which resist the diseases that are coming from the external sources. There are many other advantages that are served by aloe Vera and that can make us resist so many diseases. Here is a brief list of it:

  • Aloe Vera acts as a disinfectant which means it clears all the infections that might be taking their toll in body.
  • It is an antibiotic. If you are confronted with a problem which is bacterial, then you need not to worry. Despite of all the medicines that you are taking, you should consume aloe Vera. It has no side effects so we can take it anytime and it will kill all the bacteria in body.
  • It also acts as an anti-microbial which means that it kills all the microbes that might be living inside body and may cause harm in any way.
  • Aloe Vera is Germicidal. It kills all the germs in body and cleanse it thoroughly.
  • Aloe Vera is an anti-septic. It cleans all the destructive and disease organisms in body.
  • It also acts as an antiviral which is one of its greatest qualities because getting rid of a viral problem is very difficult. If you keep on taking aloe Vera it is going to protect you from viruses.
  • If you have fungus growing in body or if there is any fungal problem on the external surface of your body, you just have to apply aloe Vera on your skin or consume it and you will be free of the fungal problem because aloe Vera is not only anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-viral but it antifungal as well.
  • As a secondary characteristic, it also helps you to reduce weight.

It’s Dosage:

Now the thing that you have to look after while consuming aloe Vera is the dosage of it. You have to make sure how much amount of aloe Vera needs to be consumed because excess of everything is harmful. You should consult your doctor and get a right prescription for the type of problem you are facing. It is only when you know the right amount or the dosage that would help you in curing a certain problem.

It is a string advice for all to not try to be our own doctors.


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