What are the Advantages of Laughing in Urdu?


Here language is taken as a behavior, and by advantages of Language we mean advantages of a good behavior. If laughter means polite nature and liveliness, then it is the best tool for a man with which nature blessed him. But if laughter is for making fun of other people, then it is the worst thing in the world (Here the word “Laughter” is employed to elaborate Behavior). Even the animals are not deprived of the blessing of language representing behaviors, i.e:- cats, when they are happy; they use to jump here and there to show their activity of joy. Same is the case with Pets such as dogs, when they are granted with food, they use to lick the feet of the owner in order to pay thanks, but if they are hungry, they are ready to bite everyone. Nature has blessed us with a pure health gaining supplement that is known with the name of laughter, it brings our digestive system in accordance and provides our face a magical freshness. It has often been observed that ladies use to waste lots of money on cosmetics in order to look beautiful, but they are fully unaware of the fact that they can look prettier if they polish their faces with a sweet smile. If you are wasting a lot in beauty saloons but yet not looking pretty, their would be the only reason behind it that is your inappropriate behavior or anger on the face. According to the scholars, laughter is the best health-building exercise and it also prevents from the muscles being stretched and gives a soothing sensation to the mind. It has often been observed that if there is any child or a groomed one, would look more prettier when laughs and more dangerous when in anger. Their would be no wrong statement in the advantages of language or behavior if we state that day the worst of our life which passed without bring a smile on our face.


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