Weight Loss Tea Recipes


It is famously known that tea is a mean to prevent many problems in life. Yes it is true. If you take a cup of tea daily you can get rid of many problems that might get hold of you otherwise. The thing that you need to focus on and think about is that what kind of tea you need to take if you have to gain some benefit. Obviously you cannot go for one cup of any regular tea that comes in your way and think about gaining benefits from it which it does not possess. Yes, similarly, in order to lose weight, you have to focus on the type of tea that you must take to stimulate that response from your body.

Today, I have prepared a list of some types of tea that can help you lose weight easily.

4 Weight Loss Tea Recipes

1. Peppermint Tea:

Taking peppermint tea is a vital cause of weight loss in your life. If you do not take it, you should start taking it from today. It is because of the reason that this tea when goes into your body and its contents are added up to your metabolic system they cause your digestive system to speed up. When your digestion speeds up your body starts burning more calories than it usually does. This way it helps you reduce weight. It is a light tea that not only makes your metabolic activity stronger but also leaves you fresh and active throughout the day.

2. Green Tea:

Green is a color of bliss. It is a color of hope and goodness being spread into the world. It is a color of freshness and beauty. Similar are its effects when it enters your body. It renders hope and bliss into you. According to the research, there is a chemical EGCG in the green tea which when enters your body, activates and speeds up your metabolic system. When you’re metabolic system speeds up, the digestion taking place in your stomach also speeds up and the fat burning process too. This way, your body starts burning more calories than usual. You feel active and work better than usual. So, what do you think about green tea now? I am sure you are going to start taking it sooner than soonish.

3. Rose Tea:

Do you like flavored tea? Yes, many people prefer flavored tea over the normal one. Yes it is good to take flavored teas because it makes you fresh and changes your mood. Rose tea is one of the oldest flavored teas available and being sold. It has a therapeutic effect on human body; it clears toxins from your body, beautifies your skin and acts against constipation. It makes your digestion better and indirectly helps in weight loss.

4. Oolong Tea:

Oolong is actually Chinese tea leaves which are partially fermented before they are dried. The tea that is made from Oolong leaves is better than even green tea. It has got a stronger effect on your body than any other type of tea has. It is widely known for promoting fat burning in your body. It reduces cholesterol level of your body and acts against the concentration of fats in your body. It is the best type of tea you can ever get. Take it twice a day and boil it for at least five minutes to get a strong, much better working cup of tea.


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