Women are fond of makeup they tend to look beautiful through makeup at every event. But the event that drags the most attention of women is the wedding ceremony. Almost all the women attending the wedding ceremony spend hours in front of the makeup table. Applying makeup for a wedding sometime can be a headache as you don’t know what type of makeup to apply to look prominent in the ceremony.  Most women tend to go to a beauty parlour for wedding makeup but you can also do it at home. Here we will write down the simple set of instruction which will help you to apply makeup for a wedding at home.

First of all, it is important to realize the type and nature of the wedding. If the wedding is not of your close relative, then it is recommended to apply just a light makeup so that you don’t look odd at the wedding. These days wedding ceremonies take place mostly in the evening. If you are attending such wedding then it is important to apply the foundation cream and powder after applying moisturizing cream.

It is very important to understand the nature of skin as well as weather conditions before applying the makeup.  If it is humid than don’t apply moisturizing cream or any other oily cream, it is recommended to just apply the light liquid foundation with a sponge. A light liquid foundation spreads to the face uniformly. After applying light liquid foundation apply face powder of a light pink colour on the face. Pinkish shade looks simple but yet stylish this is why most of the brides apply this shade. Now apply a moisturizer of a good quality which will be absorbed in the skin.

If complexion and skin of your face is not uniform than apply foundation in the form of dots. Pour some foundation on your forehead, cheeks and chick then spread in uniformly on the face by rubbing gently with your fingers until it is absorbed in the skin. It is recommended to apply foundation is small amount always so that it can be easily absorbed.

Most women use bright colour face powders for the wedding but it is advised to use ultra glue powder. Add small amount of gold particles in the face powder and apply it on your forehead, cheeks and chin.

For wedding there are two different eye shades used. Never apply golden shade with an opposite colour face powder because it will make your face look artificial and will reflect the impression of over makeup. It is advised to choose the colour of the eye shadow which is somewhat relevant to the facial complexion and don’t forget to apply mascara.

It is recommended to apply the light colour lipsticks and apply lip gloss only if there is no humidity.

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