Dealing with Weakness Issues in the Month of Ramadan is not Very Difficult


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Fasting in the whole month of Ramadan is made compulsory on the Muslims. This is not a very hard labor or cruelty by the religion but it is also scientifically proven that fasting the whole month in one year improves your health and deals with your stomach problems. Some people say that they feel weakness while fasting but it is not due to the fast but it is due to poor planning before and after fasting.

Eat proper before fasting after breaking the fast and you will not fell the victim of weakness. You feel lousy and dizzy during Ramadan because

  • You lack proper sleep
  • You are not having your proper nutrients in your diet
  • Consume caffeine i.e. in the form of tea or coffee or other drinks
  • You have nothing to do and you are getting bored
  • You are too much focusing on the food and are waiting for breaking time of fast

These are some common reasons that are backbone of the issue of weakness during Ramadan. In order to deal with such weakness issues you need to adopt some simple habits. Some of them are given below.

  1. You should know that you are going to spend 8 to 9 hours without eating or drinking anything so you should consume healthy food during Sehri and Iftar time.
  2. Care must be taken while selecting the food because every type of food works in its own way. At Sehri time you should eat such foods that are not easily digested. Or you should consume foods that are slow digesting. Such foods that contain fiber in them make you feel full and less hungry for a long period of time. For example grains, barley, oat meals, seeds, vegetables and fruits. And you do not feel hunger pangs.
  3. Drink plenty of water during both the times i.e. Sehri and Iftar in order to deal with dehydration.
  4. Do not consume such drinks that have a lot of amounts of sugar and salt in them. Try to drink more and more plan water.
  5. You should eat consciously. You should know what are you eating and how much you storing in yourself in order to survive during the whole day.
  6. Instead of doing things you should sleep better and relax. This will reduce fatigue and weakness.
  7. Do not sit idle or watch TV all the time. According to latest research watching television makes you hungry. Plan different interesting things to do and divert your attention from food for some time.
  8. You should limit tobacco not only during fast but also before and after fast. Caffeine in any form is very dangerous for your health.
  9. The most important thing is you should start eating slowly and little by little after breaking the fast. Do not stuff your stomach immediately with a lot of things.

If you do not follow these instructions then perhaps you will suffer from hunger pangs, continuous headaches, depression and anxiety whole day.


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