We As Human. Analyze


Have you ever considered that what was the purpose of your creation? A person comes in this world with empty hands and leaves with the same condition. If he thinks for happiness, he has to face the rude behavior of others. If someone seeks for mourns, he finds many ways of happiness. This is the natural phenomena of life. But no one can recognize the actual meaning of life until it comes to end. He never knew that for what purpose he is fighting in this world in spite of the fact that he has to go under the tons of soil i.e. the grave, which is the last destination of every human.

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Actual Purpose of Our Creation:

We as human have something else to do in this world. As Allah gathered all the souls after their creation and asked them, “Who is your God”. All of them replied, “You are our God”. But when they came in this world, they forget their promise from Allah. They just started to fulfill their desires throughout their lives. They were actually sent in this world for the worship of Allah and thanking him for the blessings He has bestowed upon us. But no one has considered this fact except those pious people who have preached Islam throughout their lives.

What is the Solution to Discomfort of Life?

Today, people seek comfort in the luxuries of life. They make tall buildings and houses that are full of every possible facility to provide comfort but people still feel dissatisfaction in their life. It is very difficult for them to sleep comfortably. What is the difference that a person who lives in a cottage is much happier than those people who sleep under the magnificence items? The reason is that the poor person always thanks Allah before going to sleep. As Allah has said that, you can only seek comfort whenever you will remember me.

Human Being is Always “Unthankful”:

The human being never thanks to Allah for the blessings and favors over his life. Instead, most of us consider that the success in our life is the result of our own efforts. But the reality is something else. Allah has given us all possible resources in the world that we use for establishing ourselves in the life. If there were nothing in this world, how the man could survive and prosper in his life. So, in order to recognize the purpose of our creation, we should first consider that we are nothing. We should say thank to Allah by saying prayers five times a day. In this way, we can also get rid of all of our difficulties in our life. That is the only way we can survive and ignoring this fact, we are on the path to destruction.


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