Vladimir Lenin: History and Biography


Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, who is known as Lenin nowadays, was responsible for the great system in Russia. He was a sincere follower of the Marks and he adopted the same policy that was supported by Marks. Lenin was born in 1870 in the town of Russia named Simbirsk, which is known as Ulyanov due to his personality.

His father was an honest government employer. His brother was hanged on the accusation of being involved in the assassination of Tsar Alexander III. At the age of 23, he became a passionate radical of politics. He started taking part in the revolutionary activities and he was also arrested for fourteen months for this act.

Afterwards, he was deported from the country to Siberia. During his 3 years stay in Siberia, he married an oppositional government member woman. Then he wrote his book titled “The development of capitalism in Russia”. After he completed his punish he visited France and then west Europe.
When the Russian social democracy divided in two parts he became the leader of one. World War 1 destroyed Russia and helped Lenin to gather his supporters and in 1917 he became the leader once again. In 1922 he got very ill that took his life in 1924. His dead body was taken to the Moscow’s red square museum and keeping it there until now.

Although his leadership last only 5 years, but still in that time he totally changed the Russian revolution by his cruel thoughts as we can see that in his books and philosophy. He was responsible for the death of a few million people by his cruel thoughts and by making the massive torture cell for common public and by ruling the Cambodia for 4 years. Hence his work was not good and polite but the world still think he was a great philosopher.


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