Uses of Internet in Our Daily Life


We are living in a more technological world and the use of technology is increasing day by day. We can say that this spider is fastening us in its web with its fast moving legs that are penetrating in our lives so deep that we can’t even think to break the chain and set us free now. Our life is so much dependent on technology that the internet is our new god.

We can’t live without this technology as we have made our life so much dependent on that. We use the internet in almost everything. The uses of the internet in our daily life are numerous and we can’t deny the fact that we find our life easier with this.

We talk the internet, we walk internet and we can’t imagine living without the internet. A study has shown that 40% of world population is connected to this web. Imagine nearly half of the population of the world is using the internet.

Here are few uses of the internet in our daily life that makes it our new god.

1. Internet Helps Us in Daily Life Routine

As soon as we wake up, the internet is there to say hello. Even if you are a housewife, you are going to check your FBsnap chat, and twitter notifications to see what has changed overnight. Then you can simply satisfy that evil question “what are you going to cook today?” find a recipe and start making it. Read it and watch the tutorials to ensure the delicious taste. Then again switch to Facebook account and we bet your husband is going to tell you that you have rocked the table with a new dish.

2. Internet Can Help Us in Finding a Way

Life is a maze and you have to find ways to live continuously otherwise you can’t stay alive…

Leave all this philosophy because you have got an invitation and you don’t want to miss the party. Ok, you are in a hurry and have a lot of things to do and then wind them up before leaving. We understand your situation.

Ask your friend to message you the venue. Don’t waste time on asking him directions. Just when you are ready to go to the party after finishing up other tasks, simply log into google maps and find your venue. Be there on time and enjoy the party!!!

3. Educational Uses for Schools and Students

For students, it is heaven. No need to get ready, go to the library, find a book and issue it and then keep on worrying to return it on time…

Simply few clicks can make your day. On the internet, you can even buy books online. Be a member of online libraries and can enjoy free educational forums.

You can also find researches, Journals, Surveys and assignment material to get any possible help through the internet.

Now you can join virtual classes or online courses to get desired education and knowledge.

4. Kill Your Boredom

Internet has unlimited uses in daily routine and of course one of them is entertainment.

Internet is serving us with all its charm. Now we bet that no one can stay bored for a long time if she/he has internet availability.

Don’t underestimate what it can offer?

You can watch videos, read online, watch live television, play games and chat with friends for free. Life was never that much easy before.

The use of the internet is completely up to you but the positive use of internet will bring positivity overall in society.

Use of Internet in Business

Online businesses are a charm for business seekers.

There are unlimited business ideas that can be done and made possible through the internet.

The Internet is becoming a huge source of earning, worldwide.

Transactions are taking place and things are sold and bought here. From goods to services and ideas to entrepreneurship, the internet has a place for all of them. The Internet has made it easy to reach at destinations through one click.

People trust the medium and there are a lot of business sites who sell and people buy from them.

Although there is a chance of fraud or hacking but one also has the risk in face to face transaction. So better to avoid putting in your credit card number on unauthentic sites.

5. Diversity Overloaded

Imagine that internet has brought your friends near you.

You can chat with a friend who is countries away from you and you can talk to him like he is sitting next to you.

Omg!!! Internet is proving itself as the god. Just wave the magic wand of one click and the whole world is under your feet.

Internet is also providing you the opportunity to communicate with people who belongs to different culture and religions. They have different nationalities and even speak different mother languages but they have one thing in common and that is internet which is binding them together.

This virtual world has made relationships easy with just a few clicks. No limits or boundaries matter when there is internet.

6. Pay Your Bills

Internet has made our daily life very easy. And the biggest one is vanishing one’s need of physical presence. Now you don’t have to go and stand in queues and wait for hours to pay your bills.

You can save a lot of time and energy in daily routine with just a few clicks and you will receive messages that all your bills are paid.

7. Internet Keeps You Updated

Another hit use of internet in daily life is that it keeps you updated with the whole world.

Imagine life before internet, everyone has to wait for one-hour news daily that did not even provide you enough news from certain region or area.

Now with internet start your day with checking notifications to see what is happening in your friend zone and then switch to global news. Top trends get themselves known to almost every person on internet.

People invest globally thorough information gathered and people travel according to weather situations. People get alerts through internet about any natural disaster and move from there and people help each other when they know each other’s sufferings through news on the internet.

Although sometimes internet creates a false stir in the air as it is not very reliable source of news because anyone can post or make the false news.

But still you are closed to the world and no other medium like radio, television etc. provides you with such a huge amount of information and news. And the best part is that all this news and information is not limited to any region or area. You can know the situation from anywhere in the world.

8. Online Reservations and Bookings

Another daily use of internet is that internet has reduced your time to go yourself and get things booked. You can buy tickets, reserve your table or book an order online through the internet and things will be on your doorstep.

You also get the opportunity of cash on delivery which has decreased the number of false transactions and possibilities of fraud.

Now you find your day more productive and get more time as the internet is saving your lot of time and fatigue to do things.

9. Surprise Your Loved Ones

Suppose your darling one has a birthday today and obviously it is so unacceptable that you go to his workplace with cake and flowers and sing birthday song in front of his boss who may be already having bad mood because of some other reasons.

Don’t worry!!! Internet is offering a help. There are a lot of gift offering services on internet.

Get your order booked and cake will be delivered to your dear ones with a statement written on a card that how much you love them.

This can literally make their day and a piece of cake can make them apple of their boss’ eye.

10. Share Your Views and Ideas

If you are talented in any way and want to share with the world. Internet is your dice. Come and speak to the world.

Sharing your ideas and opinions was never that easy before internet. Now you can reach your target spectators and market through internet.

People share ideas through blogs, websites and writings and anyone can get positive energy from that.

So talk to the world and say it all because internet is listening.

11. Matchmaker

Internet has provided another wonderful service and it is no other than matchmaking. There are a lot of dating and matrimonial sites that help you in finding your perfect match. Many people have found their true soul mates on internet.

Many claims they were misguided and end up with a broken heart.

Although there is a risk of fraud but that all depends on luck also. You need to be very careful before trusting anyone on internet.

12. Find Your Dream Job

Internet also provides you with excellent opportunity to find your dream job. Now you can know about available posts, vacancies, and jobs and find one of your choices.

There are a lot of sites that keep you updated about the jobs.

Internet has made interview easy through Skype. You can apply for any job worldwide without hesitating that what you will do if you get an interview call.

Many people do online jobs for others. They provide consultancies and services online. Online training is also given by many organizations and individuals.

The uses of internet are great in numbers in fact in hundreds. We can’t even imagine what this God can do for us. But as a responsible human being, we should encourage positive use of internet to bring overall positive change in society. If there will be enough advantages of internet in society than we can definitely ignore and minimize few disadvantages of internet.


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