Zaitoon Ka Tail: Uses and Benefits of Olive Oil


Olive Oil is one of the oldest 100% natural ingredients in the world. It is known from the prehistoric ages as that contained the golden liquid. The term Olive Oil refers exclusively to oil obtained from the fruit of the Olive Tree.

It is rich in vitamin E and this is very important for the cells of the body. This prevents it from free radicals to damage cells and also protects the skin from Ultraviolet light. It is a fact that our body does not produce vitamin E but and it needs to get it from food that’s why olive oil is the richest food in the world that keeps vitamin E.

In many countries olive oil is used as the cooking oil but there are many other benefits or olive oil which researchers now prove. Olive oil is the best beauty product that keeps antioxidants and other toxic compounds. There are many artificial products that are available in the market as a rich vitamin E source but few of them are really contain this that includes olive oil in them.

Uses of Olive Oil

There are many uses of olive oil as a beauty product they are describing below.

For your Nails:

If you have a problem with your cuticles and nails and they break down easily then use olive oil. Take one cup of olive oil and soak them for few minutes. Try this for few days and after it your nails prevent from breakage and get stronger. This will keep your cuticles clean and shiny.

For your Lips:

Use small quantity of olive oil on your dry and chapped lips at night before sleeping. It keeps your lips attractive and beautiful.

For your Hair:

Apply olive oil on your head scalp and hair and cover your hairs colorless plastic cap. Then after half hour wash your hair with mild shampoo. It makes your hair shiny, dandruff free and silky.

For your hand:

Use olive oil on your hands and massage gently from it on your hands. Now wear cotton gloves and leave them on overnight. This will keep your hands smooth and shiny.

For Body Skin:

Add few drops of olive oil in your bathtub to get a soft and glorious skin.

For removing Makeup:

By removing makeup you can dip small cotton pad in olive oil and clean your skin. It gives glow to your skin and gives fair complexion.

For Dry and Rough Hair:

After shampoo mix olive oil and water equally and take massage for 5 min. Then again wash your hair with shampoo. It removes dryness from your hair and keeps your hair dense.

For Body scrub:

Use olive oil as a body scrub. Pour olive oil in a plastic pot then add sugar and salt in a reasonable quantity and well mixed it. Then apply this mixture on your skin and scrub it. It gives your skin soft and fresh look.

For Feet and hard knees:

Apply olive oil on your feet and heels to get rid from dark and hard skin of that part of the body. Massage regularly with olive oil it keeps your feet and knees clean and soft and you don’t feel shy from wearing half sleeves.

For Face Wrinkles:

If you have wrinkles on your face then use olive oil regularly in the evening by taking small quantity of olive oil and massage gently through it. It removes wrinkles from your face.

For removing dark circles and wrinkles:

Take cotton or fine linen piece and dip it on olive oil but stay away from your eyes. It removes dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes.


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