Two Toned Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair

The latest trend in hair color fashion is the two-tone style that is gaining popularity all over the world. It’s not only unique and different but also trendy and stylish. If you’re bored of the old same colored dye, why not go for double tones to add more valor and attraction to your ordinary hair. It’s a great way to add shine and volume to ordinary hair. Here below are two toned hair color ideas for long hair.

Choosing the Right Shade

Many women get confused about what hair colors to choose from to look fashionable yet magnificent. The choice is not as easy as it seems because it depends on many factors including your natural hair shade, eye color, skin tone and other factors.

Getting help from an expert is a good idea. Look into magazines and carefully observe different two-tone hair styles. Another smart option is to surf the internet. You can find hundreds and thousands of styles online ranging from celebrities to common women.

Visit your beauty salon and look different hair color samples. Try wigs or hair extensions of different two-tone shades to get a vivid idea of how will you finally appear after getting that color. If you have naturally dark hair, go for lighter shades.

For rich contrast, using darker shades like platinum blonde is a wonderful idea. Get another color from the same origin. For an extremely bold or daring appearance, purple, bright red and magenta are going to be a perfect choice.

For a sophisticated look, choose blonde and brown. This contrast is the most preferred one today because it’s decent, graceful and attractive.

How Two Tones Are Applied

It is characterized by dying the top half of the hair with a single shade and the bottom half with another different one. The lighter shade is usually applied on top and the darker one at the bottom. Its procedure differs from other hair color methods such as streaking or normal dye.

Contrasts to Give Dramatic Effect

To have a more bold and vivacious style, contrasting shades are used. Top and bottom layers are dyed in different tones. Apart from full coloring, chunks and highlighting the bangs with a second shade along with natural hair color is in fashion.

For shorter length haircuts, cored style is the best. In that method, the tip of the hair is dyed with color up to half an inch to create the sparky effect.

Two tones give depth, dimension, and volume to your hair. Get your hair dyed with the most suitable contrast.


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